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A re-blog: Creating the Graceful Silk Sampler

The many antique and vintage samplers that can be found on the internet fascinate me. I view and collect those I like on Pinterest, which is a great source of inspiration!  It is hard to have a favourite as there is such variety out there, but I am always amazed at the time and skill… Continue reading A re-blog: Creating the Graceful Silk Sampler

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Increasing your machine embroidery skills

So you have seen many beautiful embroidered projects that others have created but you cannot imagine that you would ever be able to create something as wonderful. I think that when you become passionate about machine embroidery you start on a journey of discovery and continued learning. I regularly take online tutorials to learn how… Continue reading Increasing your machine embroidery skills

Discussing machine embroidery

creating an embroidered triptych

I love to display my favourite embroidery designs and the triptych, three canvases sometimes  hinged together, is one of the best ways to do this, especially if the embroidery is done on silk and has an oriental flavour. The Japanese Blossoms collection has 38 designs which will allow you to create a stunning embroidery. These… Continue reading creating an embroidered triptych