Increasing your machine embroidery skills

So you have seen many beautiful embroidered projects that others have created but you cannot imagine that you would ever be able to create something as wonderful. I think that when you become passionate about machine embroidery you start on a journey of discovery and continued learning. I regularly take online tutorials to learn how to get the best from my software and apps, as well as keeping up to date with the speed at which the internet and computers are advancing. Tutorials are a great way to learn more skills and to get more creative. As well as the tutorials I have written there are also a series of tutorials at Graceful Embroidery by Pamela Cox, who is an expert in machine embroidery. This week she is releasing a new tutorial for you all and I am sure you will love working through her instructions and creating something wonderful with a unique embroidery that I have created with elements from the Symphony of Flowers collection.

“Whether you are a skilled seamstress, or want to expand your sewing knowledge, this linen table runner will explain the Heirloom techniques of wing-needle stitching, inserting lace and an embroidered, sheer Madeira Applique window.  And the best part?……the techniques are not just applicable to table linens, but they can be featured with many other beautifully embroidered projects. “

So take a tutorial soon and learn some new skills. This tutorial is available for $17.50 until the end of April 2019 and you will also receive a coupon to get 50% off another Pamela Cox tutorial!

Happy embroidering from Pamela and Hazel

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Combining designs for a large area of embroidery

When we first start embroidering on our machines, we tend to place individual designs on various garments and items around the home, but at some point we need to start combining embroidery designs for larger areas. This can appear overwhelming at first, but it is not that difficult and the results are very satisfying and rewarding. Let me show you how easy it is to combine.

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My Orchids for Ruth collection

Back in 2017 I finally created a collection of designs which I had put off digitising for some time. I just adore orchids, in particular the Phalaenopsis variety, and was reluctant to convert them to embroidery until I could be satisfied with the result. The option of making dimensional orchids brought these beautiful flowers to life on fabric. This month the whole collection which comprises 5 sets for different sizes of hoops, is available at a special price and I encourage you to get these designs, embroider them out and introduce them into your home.

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How to embroider Nutcrackers for Christmas

With the release of Disney’s film, “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms”, there have been a surge of interest in these little figures. At present there are now 6 nutcrackers in the collection at Graceful Embroidery. These little men have been created for the 5″ x 7″ hoop.

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Another Celtic embroidery stitch out

In deciding what Celtic embroidery would be my final choice for this Celtic event it just had to be Celtic Dreams, which was my very first Celtic collection. Now this is the biggest design in the collection and it was created for a bridal bodice. Now I wanted to update it and make it extra special so what better than adding in elements of the Rachel Kathryn Bridal collection which I am currently working on.

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Some unusual Celtic stitch outs

I have a great fondness and fascination for Celtic embroidery because it was where I began my digitising journey! I could not find the right designs for Celtic work and so I decided to create my own. After lots of pencil scribblings, studying Celtic knot work design in depth and discovering how the weave under and over is made, my first collection of Celtic embroidery emerged.

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Spring embroidery tips from Pamela Cox

  Although well into winter, warm days are not far away!  Now is an ideal time to make that “special” garment especially if you incorporate a few time-saving tips.  Those of you who have read any of my articles know that I am not one to take “short-cuts”, and I never would compromise my purest approach to sewing if I were sewing a project that I would hope to have passed down through generations.  But, read on to find a few suggestions that will save time yet still produce a professional looking garment.

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Considering colours changes for a special embroidery

Designs in the Vintage Grace collection probably have more colours in them than any other collection at Graceful Embroidery. I would encourage you not to let that daunt you. These designs like the Antique Sewing machine are for embroidering works of art to be cherished and so are worth the effort and time it will take to stitch them out on your machine.

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Guest blog: Arabella Bullion Bourdoir cushion

This is the first of a series of guest blogs at Graceful Threads of Inspiration. Over the years I have seen some outstanding embroidered projects that have been carefully created using my designs. Unable to actually see these beautiful works of art up close, I really would like to know more about their construction and what better way for us all to view them than by a blog. The first project shows how well designs from different collections can be perfectly blended together if you use the same colour scheme.

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Design positioning accurately

Whatever size of hoops we have, I think it safe to say that we will always dream of bigger ones!! At the moment my favourite hoop is my 200 mm x 200 mm (8″ x 8″) hoop but and I am waiting for a 10″ square one to be released for my Husqvarna Epic. Little by little the hoops available for our machines are growing and one day I suppose the ultimate 14-16″ square hoop will be a reality for non commercial machines, without the need to turn it round half way through the stitch out. In the meantime we can however still create mega embroideries with a little practise and skill with our “sensible” medium sized hoops. Continue reading

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