A re-blog: embroidering applique orchids

I have two all time favourite flowers, orchids are grown inside my home and fuchsias grow outside in my garden and many of the tender ones are over wintered in my greenhouse.  It took me a long time to finally digitize one of these beautiful flowers, the phalaenopsis orchid. I tested out the orchids by creating an embroidered card for my sister who also loves orchids. To make them more realistic there is an option for the sepals and petals to be stitched out and added as applique held in place by the column, lip and throat of the orchid.

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A re-blog: Celtic Claddagh with applique ivy leaves

Adding some dimension to embroidery can be a challenge but I have tried to make it as easy as possible with the designs which have this option. A little practice may be advisable to perfect the technique, but when you master adding pre-embroidered appliques to your projects, it opens up lots more choices and you will be so proud of your achievements. Let me show you how I took one of the Celtic Ivy designs and made it into something special and unique! Continue reading

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A re-blog:combining the Georgiana mini designs for dolls and tiny baby clothes

There are countless possibilities with the 32 designs in Georgiana mini for 40mm x 40mm hoops. Most of the elements from the Georgiana collection are here, so if you look at the larger designs you will get an idea of how they can be combined. As with all my recent designs you get the designs with and without Outline alignment stitches. These are very helpful in placing your designs accurately. As the designs have been created for small dolls and baby clothes you will probably find, in most cases, that it is helpful to embroider the fabric before you cut the pieces out, unless you intend the embroidery to go over seams. If you are using pattern pieces study these carefully to see where you can add embroidery. I would use a marker pen to draw the basic outline of the piece that I intend to embroider, so that I can place the embroidery centrally. Here are some combinations which you may find useful:

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A re-blog: the anatomy of an applique embroidery design!

The Almond Silk Paisley collection has been great fun to create. I would like to take you through the embroidering process of one of the designs from the next set to be released from this beautiful collection which is proving to be very popular.



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A re-blog: the glory of white work embroidery

Five years ago I went to a Royal School of Needlework White Work exhibition in London, at Hampton Court Palace with my dear friend Pamela Cox. It was an incredible day out especially as we discovered that two friends from USA were going too. Just visiting Hampton Court Palace itself is a thrilling experience as it is such a grand palace steeped in history, standing in the most beautiful grounds. Although the exhibition was only an hour and a half it was so exciting to see the samples that they have in their studios. We were unable to take pictures so I cannot show you the marvelous examples of white work embroidery that were on display, but their beauty was firmly imprinted on my mind. I made sure of that! It is true to say that the antique christening gowns, bonnets, collars, table cloths and handkerchiefs were so delicate and intricate it was difficult to imagine that they were worked so long ago without magnification and artificial lighting. Some were so old, just fragments of a beautiful embroidery worked skillfully by some unknown artist. Continue reading

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A re-blog: perfecting my Vintage sewer’s Crazy quilt

Graceful Embroidery has a good selection of crazy quilt blocks each with different themes. Not all of them are square though. As well as 2 stockings, 2 Dresden shaped ones there is a Christmas tree and two vintage oblong crazy quilts. This is my Romantic crazy quilt 7 with a vintage sewing theme. May I stress that it is essential to use the same shades of thread that I have used so that there are only subtle changes in the cameo, which is based on one I was given by my Mother many years ago. I have tried to highlight the slight amber appearance of many cameos. There are two versions of the block one with the cameo and another with the words “love to sew”. In this test I used ordinary rayon for the scroll border but it works just as well with 30wt cotton, adding some dimension.

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A re-blog: Embroidering a Wreath

There is nothing more delightful than a perfectly embroidered wreath in the centre of a table with an ornament or vase standing in the middle, but many of us may find the prospect rather daunting unless it is embroidered out in one hooping. In preparing the Anastasia’s Spring I thought a lovely wreath featuring the beautiful daffodils and tulips in this collection would be a magnificent addition.

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A re-blog: planning a simple Christening gown

The prospect of creating your very first Christening gown may be quite daunting but if you do not aim to create something too complicated you will find it enjoyable and may want to move on to more complicated gowns.

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A re-blog: embroidering in silk thread

I feel in love with silk along time ago when I worked in a fabric shop and it is my favourite fabric partly because it is so versatile and also because it comes in the most wonderful shades.

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A re-blog: A cushion for Georgiana

I had a little wicker chair that I bought for when Georgie, my granddaughter,  came to visit! It needed a cushion though, and while I was finishing off the Georgiana collection which is named after her I thought I would use one of the designs to create the perfect little cushion.

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