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Why I love Celtic Machine Embroidery

There are many reasons why I love Celtic Machine Embroidery. It is not the easiest type of embroidery to digitize especially if the knot work is wide enough that the weaving in and out are clear and accurate. I saw a need for versatile Celtic embroidery designs so I set about learning how to create it.

Watch a Celtic embroidery design stitch out. It is absolutely fascinating and you never quite know where the next set of stitches will begin. A maze of stitches come to life!

Celtic Dreams was my first collection, aptly named as I was determined to create the perfect Celtic embroidery.

The Celtic Knot Work collection contains traditional style designs. There is a narrow underlay which supports the knot work giving it a more rounded appearance.

I had perfected a method of digitising them and then I decided that my Celtic Embroidery needed something else. Flowers! Celtic Christmas has small hellebores, holly and ivy leaves. There is a delightful wreath in this collection which makes a stunning centre piece.

My next Celtic machine embroidery collection was Celtic Grace. Tiny flowers decorate the knot work in these designs. Choose your own colour scheme. Celtic Grace signature contains the Graceful Embroidery logo and the flowers decorate my website.

Celtic Ivy followed and I am rather proud of this one as it has the option of dimensional leaves. A customer requested a Celtic Claddagh. I was not aware of what it was. I discovered the heart represents love, the crown represents locality and the hands represent friendship. There are 2 set of 8×8 quilt blocks for a Celtic quilt.

It was a challenge to digitize heather as the flowers are so small, but I discovered that bell heather was suitable. Celtic Heather has woody stems with heather buds and the ever popular Celtic Claddagh. Bees and butterflies are included in this set to bring the flowers to life.

Celtic Crosses was my most recent set of Celtic embroideries. For these designs I used several different colours of knot work. I have plans to do more but as yet they have not materialised. Maybe it will be thistles next time! There is a fascinating tutorial available about taking Celtic embroidery to a new level.

Delve into my Celtic machine embroideries as they are all on offer at the moment. This year’s Celtic sale finishes tomorrow, March 20th, 2022 at midnight, GMT. Pop by now and capture some Celtic bargains. I know you will love them as much I do. If you miss this event please susbcribe to my newsletter so you will be informed about future offers at Graceful Embroidery.

Happy Celtic embroidering from Hazel

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  1. I look forward to all your designs.
    The Celtic Thistles would be beautiful when they materialise one day, I will look forward to those.
    I adore your Celtic floral designs.

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