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Combining the Strawberry plants and runners in the Strawberries & Cream collection

In the Strawberries and Cream collection I have included Strawberry plants and runners which are perfect for embroidering borders and corners. Here are some ideas and guidelines on how to use them.

When I was digitising these strawberry plants with their roots and runners I separated each runner so they can easily be missed out in your embroidery if you do not require them.

Floral machine embroidery designs by Graceful embroidery

I originally stitched the runners in brown but changed them to the light green, Sulky Rayon 1209, light avocado, which is a more accurate portrayal of these plants. When I began the digitising of these designs, I bought a strawberry plant to study its habits and to capture them accurately in stitches. A runner appeared very quickly so I knew we needed them to be included! Now the runners seen in this embroidery pass under the strawberries and when combining designs in the collection avoid them passing behind the strawberries as this could make your embroidery too dense, especially when it comes to stitching out the seeds on the fruits.

There are 3 plants in the second set of designs for the 180mm x 130mm hoop but they do not have runners. Use them to extend some of the designs which do have runners.

Lets look at the 4 designs for 240mm x 150mm hoops that are part of Strawberries & Cream 3. GFE-STR-3-17 has runners each side so you can add another design of your choice to either side.

GFE-STR-3-16 has only one runner. I have tried to give you lots of variety by moving the flowers, leaves and fruits around as much as possible.

GFE-STR-3-18 features a less mature plant with only small white fruits with 2 runners. When combining try to balance both this type of plant along with those with ripe strawberries.

This design shows how the plants can be combined, GFE-STR-3-6. Please note how the runners are below the leaves and fruits.

Now we come to Strawberries & Cream 4, designs for 300mm x 200mm hoops, with has lots of suitable designs for you. This is GFE-STR-4-8. I won’t preview them all but show you some combinations in my software.

I opened GFE-STR-4-19 and moved it to the left side of the screen using the Stitch Editor my mySewnet™ software. Save this file under a new name before you do anything else so the original file is not lost.

Opening GFE-STR-4-18 and rotating it, you see that the runner is on the wrong side, requiring a horizontal flip.

Be sure to keep the design selected as you move it into place. I have not got the grid showing because the placement of the runners is more important than any other type of alignment.

To complete this combination I decided to open GFE-STR-8 and edit out one of the plants.

With the freehand select tool I selected the lower two plants so they could be be deleted.

When deleted this leaves a runner and one stray stitch, which needs to be removed. The design that is left needs to be selected and rotated. Step backwards through all the colours, until the runner appears and then delete it. Now the remaining plant needs to be rotated and moved so it lines up with the others.

Note that the runner from the previous design goes behind the root. This probably does not matter too much but if you need to being it forward, find its colour way which should be #20 and move it to the end of the design using the arrow “down”. Another way to do this is to select it, copy, cut and then paste to the end of the embroidery. The design now has 57522 stitches and 34 colour changes, so it needs to be colour sorted which should bring it down to around 16 colours. It may be too big as it requires a 360mm x 200mm hoop, but you see the principles of combining. Save the design or send to your machine if you have connected machine.

Now I would like to show you how the last two designs in the set go together to embroider a corner. We begin with GFE-STR-4-21

I have opened the version with outline alignment stitches included- GFE-STR-4-21-S. In this case there are 3 colours, the usual RED outline and BLUE box to fix and some ORANGE stitches which show a partial outline of the second half of the corner, GFE-STR-4-22. Similar outline alignment stitches appear in GFE-STR-4-22.

I have placed both designs in my hoop area, rotating the second design so you can see how they will combine.

This magnification shows how the designs fit well together. If you only hoop your stabiliser and float your fabric on top securing it in place with tape or temporary adhesive spray before the box of basting stitches hold the fabric in place, the red and orange outline alignment stitches do not appear on your fabric, just on the stabiliser. I check my alignment by placing a pin through the layers in several places.

Here is how your finished embroidery will look. Not to worry that the runner in this case goes under the strawberry, as I have removed the unnecessary stitches! There are also 3 more designs with plants and runners in the fifth set in the collection for you to play with. When combining these embroideries, if a runner goes over or under a strawberry try flipping just the runner horizontally or the plant. The 5 sets in the Strawberries & Cream collection are available at INTRO prices and as a complete collection until 15th July, 2021.

Happy combining from Hazel

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  1. You are one of the sites that shows how you modify Viking software; what a treat and thank you. I retire later this summer and want to get back into embroidery. This type of inspiration reminds me how much I enjoyed machine embroidery.
    So appreciated!

  2. Oh Hazel this is an amazing set and I cannot wait to create projects with it. Your explanation is incredibly helpful – thank you.

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