Guest blog by Jean: My Jacobean Sampler Wall hanging

This was a project I set myself to help me try to overcome the loss of my daughter some twelve months ago. Knitting & sewing have been my hobbies for many years & for the last twelve months It has obviously been a struggle to concentrate on anything, but the time has come to try & work through the sad loss.

Having watched several Tutorials on Hazel’s website I decided to set myself a challenge.

So, I set about collecting the various materials needed to produce the finished article.

For my background material I purchased the Raw Silk Material, & from my large collection of Embroidery threads I selected my colours & purchased the Jacobean Sampler designs with the PDF instructions from Hazel.

I decided to start with the tree as my centre image, so I set about the work using my Brother Innov-is V3 Embroidery Machine.

Following the PDF instructions, the tree required the use of 3 hoops & after some careful thought I succeeded in getting all the joining’s together.

Having been successful with this first stage I now had the drive to carry on.

My next challenge was to place the corner images correctly. That is not easy as I am Partially Sighted, so I enlisted the help of my husband. We marked the corners ready for embroidering the pattern & with some trepidation set the machine up & set too, all went well!.

From then we moved on to the centre left & right edges followed by the centre top & bottom images.

Then came the time to set out all the remaining separate images required to fill in the rest of the material, using the sample pictures in the PDF I placed the individual pictures in the order I wished them to be.

Once I was happy with my selection, I again took the help of my husband to position them correctly before embroidering them in place.

Having now completed the embroidery I had to decide how it would be best displayed, initial thoughts were to stretch it myself & have it as a wall hanging but not keen on doing it myself, I opted for a professional job to be done.

I took my finished work to our local picture framing gallery & with their guidance I went for a framed & glazed mount.

Now that I have the completed work at home I am happy with what I have achieved, pleased with the professional framing & thinking about my next challenge. The most difficult part was thinking everything out, and then the positioning on the fabric. If I were to do it again, I would spend more time thinking about it before going ahead. The best thing I learnt was that I have now the courage to do it and go on to do many more Projects.

Hazel comments: “WOW! What an amazing project you produced. I am sure that it gets many compliments as it hangs in pride of place in your home. When I began to created these designs I could never have imagined what would be embroidered with them.”

Happy embroidering from Hazel

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14 Responses to Guest blog by Jean: My Jacobean Sampler Wall hanging

  1. Carol Abrams says:

    Jean, quite the challenge for a first project….wonderful, you should be very proud of yourself!
    Carol in Stratford, Ont. Canada

  2. Monica Powell says:

    What a lovely project Jean – you have done an amazing job and so wonderful that you used this to overcome such sadness – sending you much love and encouragement

  3. Janice Ruttimann says:

    What a splendid masterpiece. You have inspired me, for I too lost my son a year ago, and it’s been difficult getting motivated again. You must be very busy now answering all questions related to this wonderful piece of art.

  4. Mary Ann Wilson says:

    How beautiful this is. I love the colors you chose and the balance of the entire design.

  5. Carina McLeer says:

    It is absolutely beautiful I am hoping to soon embroider the Jacobean Tree I love Grace’s designs. If I live long enough I will make the quilt also

  6. Margaret Smith says:

    Stunning. What a beautiful job you did. I am sure your daughter would be very proud of your accomplishment.

  7. Mrs Jean Appleyard says:

    Thank You so much every one who has posted a Comment about my Blog.

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