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How the Cassandra’s White Work collection can be used

I am often asked for suggestions on how to use my designs. As I digitize each individual design I try to imagine how it can be used, so in this post I will share some ideas on some of the possible uses of the designs in the Cassandra’s White work collection. Even though these are heirloom embroidery designs for christening gowns and other white work projects they can be used for so much more…..

The collection is named after Cassandra who was Jane Austen’s beloved sister and they were both extremely gifted embroiderers. Having visited their home at Chawton, Hampshire, these two tone embroidery designs are what I imagined Cassandra might have created as she embroidered alongside her sister.

In this photo you can see the narrow scalloped border which is embroidered in two colours. I have used it to create some interesting shapes to add variety to your embroidery.

Although too narrow to be an actual edging it can be used to create that illusion. Along the scallops there are tiny french knots and pearl like stitches. I also included vertical bars of knots and eyelets which are used throughout the collection to add interest.

After recalling the success of my Bundle of Joy heirloom designs, which stitched out perfectly on tulle, I tested one of the designs in this collection and had the same remarkable results. In this stitch out I have used one layer of Floriani Wet N Gone.

Machine embroidery designs by Graceful embroidery

I tend to remove the hoop after each colour has stitched out so I can easily trim the jump stitches underneath before they get covered up by the next colour. When complete I trim away as much stabiliser as is possible, but extreme care should be taken as the tulle can easily be snipped in error.

Machine embroidery designs by Graceful embroidery

I always rinse the embroidered tulle under the tap first to get rid of the excess stabiliser, and then soak it for a while in cold water, then it is not soaking in water that has lots of dissolved stabiliser.

As you can see these light designs stitch perfectly on sheer fabrics, so they can be used for wedding veils and bridal embroidery. Make some narrow lace with some of the smaller designs or use your embroidered sheer fabric as an overlay.

Machine embroidery designs by Graceful embroidery

Another way to get a very different look for these designs is to change the colour scheme entirely and use them for colourful projects. As the designs have been assigned two colourways this is very easy to do.

Machine embroidery designs by Graceful embroidery

How about this delicate wedge wood blue and light grey colour scheme?

Machine embroidery designs by Graceful embroidery

Within the 5 sets in the collection there are over 90 designs to work with. I have included panels, and borders and much more including designs with pairs of buttonholes.

Buttonholes are decorative in themselves but they can also be used in pairs for threading lace and ribbons.

Machine embroidery designs by Graceful embroidery

Use the smaller designs between the larger designs to give a better effect overall. In planning your combinations remember that the spaces left by the embroidery are almost as important as the shape of the embroidery.

I created a unique design for all over embroidery: a fabric block which fits above, below and each side of itself.

This is a single version for the 12 x 8 hoop, and a double version for those with the huge 360mm x 200mm hoop is being stitched out in the photo below. For the best results the first design is stitched and further embroideries are added above and to the right. Outline alignment stitches help you do this accurately.

Machine embroidery designs by Graceful embroidery

There are also two end designs to help you create your all over fabric which can be suitable for collars, pockets, cushions and bodices. For this project I used a lovely spring green thread!

Use this special design, GFE-CSW-4-11, to place each side of a central panel.

Here is how it works with a few more designs, GFE-CSW-4-10 in the lower centre, GFE-CSW-3-14 above with GFE-CSW-1-15 and GFE-CSW-2-22 each side. If you need to extend it further at the bottom use GFE-CSW-1-14

One of my favourite designs is this gorgeous heart that mimics a ribbed type fabric like Silk faille.

A matching alphabet will be released shortly.

This collection and the individual sets are all available at special introductory prices until 10th April, 2021.

View all the designs here.

Pop by and take a peek at them so you can start creating a heirloom embroidery project which will be treasured for generations. Please share what you create with my designs!

Happy embroidering from Hazel

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  1. Thank you Hazel for sharing the photos and ideas for Cassandra’s Whitework – a beautiful collection. You’ve provided some very good tips which I have noted too.

  2. As usual Hazel, another lovely set, I don’t think you really sleep at night, you are always thinking!
    I have to say, the blue is stunning.
    Keep up the terrific work, carol

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