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A green and gold Father Christmas

I am not a great fan of the truly traditional colours of Christmas, preferring some of the more unusual colour schemes. My Father Christmas can be embroidered to be a dimensional figure but he also work very well as an ordinary embroidery. Here is my story of one of my “flat” versions embroidered on smooth gold silk dupion.

One of the problems with smooth silk is that it can leave little pull marks where the needle has penetrated the silk. To avoid this happening start with a new needle. Some of these marks will disappear when the embroidery is pressed.

They tend to show more on darker colours too. Smooth silk dupion is not my first choice and I prefer the slubby versions as they are more forgiving.

In this version the main section of his clothing is embroidered, unlike in the dimensional version where the felt, silk or velvet is the background.

It is important to make sure the colours you choose will stand out on the embroidered base.

Some embroidery projects are harder to photograph than others and this was one!! Here is a list of the Sulky Rayon 40 wt colours that I used.

1159 Temple gold for the main clothes

1063 Pale green yellow for the scrolls

1126 Tan for the tiny knots

1834 Pea soup for the stars and flowers

1011 Steel grey for the central band

1176 Medium Dark Avocado – stars and moons

1242 Nassau blue – eyes

He is coming along nicely.

I found that the edging was not dense on top of the gold, enough so I stitched it again.

Father Christmas machine embroidery designs

Time to collect crystals to embellish and make him shine!

Father christmas machine embroidery designs

It was fun to plan where they were all going to go, using the embroidery stitches as guides.

I had to check I had enough emerald crystals to place them on the wavy edging.

My last task was to deal with those pesky holes in the smooth silk!

I pressed the silk on the back, and also on the fabric alone on the front. A little sweep with your fingers or a pin can also help.

The holes are almost gone! Not perfect but I am probably too fussy. Take these points in mind when choosing shiny or satin fabric. They are the worst for puckering too.

Father christmas machine embroidery designs

Here he is all finished. I wish the colours showed up better but you get the idea. Father Christmas comes in two sizes. I can see him embroidered on a tree skirt. Plenty of time to get that done if you or I started now.

Happy hoopings from Hazel

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  1. Love the colors that you stitched your magnificent Santa in. The colors you chose give a special elegance to Santa.

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