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Use Nutcrackers when wrapping presents

When I created the nutcrackers I discovered that they were perfect for embroidering on felt. I confess it was a new medium for me but it is wonderful for machine embroidery as it appears that puckering is almost impossible. Although felt may not suitable for washing and is thick I have used it successfully for embroidered bags. My nutcrackers and angels at Graceful Embroidery are perfect for embroidering on bags for children.

However I had another purpose for my nutcrackers, that of using them to decorate my Christmas presents which became a reality this year.

Depending on the size of the hoops you have, you may be able to embroider up to 3 or 4 nutcrackers at a time but leave plenty of space between them, so trimming them is easy. There are no loops on the nutcrackers and it would spoil the embroidery if a hole was punched in the nutcrackers for ribbons. You may want to consider sewing a ribbon to the back of the embroidery. A loop could also be edited into the embroidery design in your software and you will find one that is suitable on each of my angels.

I wanted to devise the simplest method of using them so let me explain what I decided to do for my grandchildren’s presents. The nutcrackers were embroidered out on felt, using one layer of stitch and tear. When they are finished, I removed them for the hoop and trimmed around each nutcracker leaving a 1/6 inch gap. I prefer to do this than trim them close to the embroidery stitches. Each nutcracker was tidied up as much as is possible on the back. They were held in place by an oblong written card secured each end with sticky tape. When preparing your cards, you could create a decorative edging if you have craft scissors that do that. PLEASE do not use your pinking scissors!!! The nutcrackers can be slipped in behind the secured cards.

At the moment there are 9 nutcrackers available at Graceful Embroidery and each one stitches out in the 5×7 hoop. I have not introduced any new ones this year but maybe next year.

May I take this opportunity to say a Merry Christmas to you all and a Happy New year. Thank you for reading my blogs and supporting Graceful Embroidery in 2020.

Happy embroidering from Hazel

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