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A re-blog: embroidering applique orchids

I have two all time favourite flowers, orchids are grown inside my home and fuchsias grow outside in my garden and many of the tender ones are over wintered in my greenhouse.  It took me a long time to finally digitize one of these beautiful flowers, the phalaenopsis orchid. I tested out the orchids by creating an embroidered card for my sister who also loves orchids. To make them more realistic there is an option for the sepals and petals to be stitched out and added as applique held in place by the column, lip and throat of the orchid.

You only have to browse in your local nursery to see all the different varieties and colours of orchids that are available. I have named my collection Orchids for Ruth and although the centres were initially a pale gold, I have chosen a deep pink, Sulky Rayon 1191 Dark rose for the finished designs. To enhance the beauty of the designs I have captured their silhouettes as a background.

Firstly the background is stitched out in pale colours. My appliques were stitched out on polyester organza with Sulky Soft ‘n Sheer stabiliser. I prefer this method rather than wash away as the organza holds the stitches giving enough support and would need trimming anyway.

I carefully trimmed around the petals and sepals applying a little Fray check where the stitches appeared to have been cut by mistake.

I found pinning the appliques was more difficult this time so I tacked them in place after pinning. As you can see from the image below this still did not prove full proof for this attempt, so I will add more stitches to help the alignment and hold the appliques in place before the throat is stitched out. These large stitches can be removed easily and applied again if alignment is not accurate. There are full instructions in the PDF accompanying each set. However do be aware that bright colours used for the throat of the orchids will make small errors more obvious! Some days embroidery goes well and on others it can be more challenging. (Giggle)

Compare the designs without the option of appliques and you can see it is worth perfecting this method. 

It was so much fun creating the designs for this collection, which has 5 sets in total. Here is a little taste of what you find including dragonflies. I took the elements of the orchids and dragonflies to make complimentary borders, corners and panels, and added bamboo frames.

Happy embroidering from Hazel

2 thoughts on “A re-blog: embroidering applique orchids

  1. I love both of these flowers. The Fuchsias reminds me of my grandmother and summer holidays
    When they were in bloom in her garden.

    1. I also love orchids and fuchsias. I have not had much luck with growing fuchsias! I think the heat here in Texas maybe too much for them. I have had a little success with orchids. Both of these collections are absolutely stunning! I previously purchased all of the fuchsias collections, and almost have all of the Orchids for Ruth Collections. Thank you for the blog about these stunning flowers.

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