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Guest Blog: The Cassandra’s White Work freebies for 2020 by Pamela Cox

          Many of us wonder what is the point of a small design, especially one created for a “special technique” such as white-work embroidery. For a quick peek of a few designs being offered in the anniversary collect plus some application suggestions for these beautiful elements, please read on.

          Smaller elements are often perfect for accents on clothing, such as a collar.  If your embroidery software allows a scanned picture as a background, a visual of how and where a design can be effective is very helpful with selecting the perfect design.

In this example, Design #4 was chosen, inverted, and then rotated clockwise 115° to follow the curve of the collar.

                 If embroidery software is unavailable, a printed template can be placed on top of the pattern piece and rotated as desired.  No matter which method is used, always remember to embroider the fabric prior to cutting out the pattern piece. 

          Another clothing example might use Design #6 as a waistband insert for a child’s dress. 

Imagine pink piping accenting the strip of embroidered fabric inserted on the bodice front.  Pink ribbon weaves through the front buttonholes with long pink streamers attached at the side seams to tie in the back.

          Plan the layout in embroidery software using Graceful Embroidery’s OAS (Outline Alignment Stitches) along with the working surface grid for exact spacing.  

          If your embroidery machine has the capability to stitch the full length of the design in one hooping, combine the designs and color sort.  I often will then delete the red and blue colors-the OAS stitches- from the full design as they would not be necessary for stitching.

  If multiple hoopings are required, OAS stitches will insure a proper stitch-out. Instructions on how to effectively use the OAS method is available at Graceful Embroidery’s website. Use the buttonholes to insert lace, braid or ribbons.

      White Work embroidery is an elegant accent for many items. However, this collection of designs does not necessarily have to be stitched in shades of white to enhance a project.  The designs include various color stops to insure a full range of creative styles. 

          Let’s look at designs #5 and #8.

     Combined, a beautiful corner accent, applicable for a place mat or even a napkin, has been created.  Elegant if stitched in shades of white, but just as elegant if the ecru shade of white is exchanged for a color; possibly one to match the dinner dish.

          It’s also fun to combine machine embroidery with other sewing techniques such as patchwork.  Embroidered patchwork is probably the easiest method in creating beautiful items that appear complex but are fairly easy to produce.  Designs are embroidered on pieces of fabric which are cut into their proper size after embroidery is completed. 

I encourage everyone to take advantage of Hazel’s generous gifts. Treasure all the beautiful designs of Cassandra’s White Work, available until October 12th, 2020.  To download these 30+ designs you need to be a member of the Graceful Embroidery Group Forum. There members can share their inspirations and ideas on the use of these designs. We all look forward to seeing them and learning from each other. 

Thank you Pamela for this blog.

Happy embroidering from Hazel

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