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Guest blog: Why I love the Graced in Petals collection

I invited Pamela Cox to tell us all why she loves the Graced in Petals collection so much.

Although I’ve been known to email Hazel every time she releases a new collection to tell her that “This is my favorite!” (I mean, they really are all amazing), there is one Graceful Embroidery Collection that has been my favorite “favorite” for several years and it happens to be featured this month, May 2020:

The Graced in Petals collection

I thought I would share with you why I feel this collection is so special.

          What could be more perfect as a classic, summer dress than a white pique bodice and a dainty cotton-print skirt?  Well, enhancing the garment with heirloom quality embroidery does make it more perfect!

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Embroidering fabric prior to cutting the pattern piece makes it extremely easy to have the design exactly where it needs to be.  Using Graceful Embroidery’s exclusive OAS files, Set 1-designs #8s and #32s were effortlessly combined to produce the center focus of the dress front.

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Keep in mind though, one of the larger designs in Sets 2 or 3 would work equally as well.

 A wise woman, who use to make bridal gowns, once told me that the back of a garment needs to be just as interesting as the front…..Thank you, Hazel. So, design #15 from the same set was first stitched on two pieces of the white pique, flipping the design horizontally for the second stitching to produce mirror images of the design.  The embroidered fabric pieces were placed right sides together, matching design points and then the pattern pieces cut out.  Once again, an easy way to get perfect placement.

          Details were added to this little sun dress by embroidering design 25s on strips of pique.  Since my strap length could be embroidered in one hooping, I was able to skip over (or edit out) the first three color stops, stitching only the flowers that I wanted to accent the strap.

I did borrow design #2 from Set 1 of Heartsease, adding Graced in Petals #30 from Set 1to make the side-seam hem design.  Always remember to save combined designs under new file names to preserve the original design for future applications.

          Always remember to flip designs to produce mirror images.

As you can see, someone was pretty excited to have such a pretty summer dress.

           Graced in Petals delicate flowers have been digitized specifically for use with fine fabrics enabling us to stitch beautiful patterns on sheer organza.

 I thought it might be fun to layer designs creating a shadow effect.  Creating an overall pattern does require planning in an editing software program.  The pattern piece was scanned into the software allowing Design #15 to be rotated to fit into the pattern shape as well as possible. 


An overall pattern was planned for the underlay of satin fabric and then an overall pattern was planned for the top, sheer fabric filling in the satin’s open spaces.

Fabric pieces were embroidered separately.

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Sheer Organza

The satin pattern piece was cut.  Before cutting the top sheer fabric, it was placed on top of the satin bodice for any positioning adjustments. 

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The two layers of embroidered fabric were then treated as a single layer.

          Shadow-work is another layering technique contrasting thread or fabric colors.

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Description automatically generated The Shadow-work by the shoulder is created by layering a colored batiste under the light-weight white lawn accented with design #2, Set 1.  The center panel, features design #14 as a blue shadow heart.  To create this heart shadow, first a 3” piece of the blue fabric was centered in the hoop and color #1, the heart outline was stitched. The blue fabric was trimmed outside the stitching line.  Then the lawn fabric piece was centered in the hoop and color #1 was re-stitched going on to colors #2, #3 and #4.  Colors #5, #9 and #11 were skipped leaving the center of the heart embroidery free allowing more of a “shadow work” effect.

          This is basically applique.  It works because of the expert digitizing in the beautiful border of the heart.

          The bodice was created as strips of accented fabrics sewn together prior to cutting the pattern piece.

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          Although these precious designs are perfect for garments, Graced in Petals need not be limited to only that application. 

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Whether embroidered on heavier linen, as seen in this table topper,

         tea towel,

          Combining Graced in Petal elements with other elements in the collection or with other Graceful Embroidery Collections will offer endless inspiration. 

Sometimes just a small embroidered accent makes a gift extra special!    

A person in a blue shirt

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          And now you can see why Graced in Petals is my favorite “favorite”!

Thank you so much Pamela. It is good to have your perspective on this collection. In closing here is a lovely dressed bear that Pamela made for me I while back when she visited.

This is the bodice of the dress the bear is wearing.

Notice how Pamela has used the little flowers on the straps.

Here is a close up of the embroidery on each side of the skirt.

Lastly the bear has some matching knickers with this delightful lace edged pocket!! Pamela’s attention to detail is always stunning. Thank you again. Remember that all the designs (there are well over a 100) in this collection are available for just $35 until the end of May, 2020.

Happy embroidering from Pamela and Hazel

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