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Guest blog: Field of Poppies scarf

Growing up in a military family, my father was very patriotic, deeply admired and respected.  Naturally I followed my father’s footsteps and served in the military.   While in the military I met my husband.  Now that we are retired, I wanted something more than the regular poppy we wear on our lapels during the armistice celebrations. I had always loved scarves with poppies.  When I saw this beautiful poppy embroidery design collection, I knew I had to make a poppy scarf. I tested out the design first to make sure I liked the color choices. I used the colors that I had in my thread stash that were the closest to Graceful Embroidery’s recommendations.

This was the first time I had ever embroidered on a knit type fabric.  Since I had just purchased a new embroidery machine, I decided to approach this very cautiously.  My desire was to ensure the back of the scarf would look as nice as the front.  This required changing the bobbin thread for each color change.  My original plan was I would embroider both ends of the scarf. 

I hooped the fabric with two layers of wash away stabilizer (Inspira Aqua Magic).  I made sure I had a little extra stabilizer that fanned over the arm of the hoop because I was concerned the tassels might get caught while embroidering.

To my delight the designs stitched out beautifully and were as lovely on the back as the front.  Since the ends of the scarf stitched out so well, I decided to continue around the neck portion of the scarf. 

On the neck area of the scarf I used Inspira Light and Soft Fuse-on stabilizer.  For future scarf projects I will use the washable Inspira Aqua Magic on the whole project.

With my lovely new Husqvarna Epic 2, it took me only 15 hours stitching time.  I completed the project in approximately three days.

 The design on the scarf is from “Field of Poppies 1 collection”.  Specifically, GFE-FLP-1-14, GFE-FLP-1-1 and a few with GFE-FLP-1-1 combined with GFE-FLP-1-12. Marathon Poly 40  and Maderia Polyneon 40 thread.

One of the challenging parts was making sure I had the poppy’s facing the correct way on the hoop.  I made a mistake on one of stitch outs.  Fortunately, I noticed the error immediately, removed the few stitches and rehooped.  The scarf would have looked awful with upside down poppies…lol

Making sure you hoop correctly ensuring you do not have any upside down designs.

I am thrilled with how beautiful the poppies stitched out on the scarf.  Hazel’s masterful digitizing made this poppy scarf project beyond my expectations. When staring the project, I was quite apprehensive as I had never embroidered on knits.  As a result of how well this project went, I will be more confident embroidering on knit fabrics. One of my concerns was, washing the scarf and if the scarf would pucker.  I was pleased how well the Inspira Aqua Magic washed out.  I ironed the scarf over a wool pressing mat with a cotton cloth over the embroidered design.  The poppy scarf looked as good as the day it was stitched out.

When I finished the project, I could not wait to share it with my family, friends and of course my local quilt store.  They loved the poppy scarf and several inquired where I purchased the designs.

“Thank you so much DebbieR for making this beautiful scarf using my designs! I think we would all like to create something equally stunning. It is always exciting to receive emails and photos from customers showing me how they have used my designs. I hope this inspires more of you to create a work of art on your embroidery machine.”

Happy embroidering from Hazel

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