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Machine embroidery resolutions for 2020

Many of us like to consider how we will improve our lives when a New Year comes around and maybe this increases when we move into a new decade. From the machine embroidery point of view a lot has changed since 2010. For most of us the floppy discs have gone and we may even be able to connect our machines to our wi-fi and not have so many cables in our work area. If you are anything like me your sewing room’s contents has increased substantially so you are probably thinking about de-cluttering and re organising it.

Last year I discovered Marie Kondo who is an organisation expert and I read her book, The Life changing Magic of tidying”. It was quite an eye opener for me and enable me to clear out quite a lot of “stuff” in my embroidery studio which was hampering my creativity. I have to admit that nothing that has been thrown out has been missed and instead I loved the new space.

However complacency must never be allowed to settle in for looking there now, there seems to be another build up of unnecessary stuff. This always happens after the flurry of pre Christmas embroidery, and getting a new machine has also reduced my space, so I need to be even more diligent. My embroidery hoops need a good clean with baby wipes.

There are several things that I intend to improve upon on this year and at the top of the list are my threads!!! Like fabric we embroiderers can never have enough threads and I honestly am too aware of the “gaps” in what is available which is one of the downsides of being fanatical about colour. No matter how many I have and how many spare spools are kept in boxes, I seem to have the ability to regularly discover what I have run out of again.

I am very blessed that my supplier usually gets my orders out of me within 24 hours, unless it it those wonderful must-have threads which I get from the USA because they are not available here in the UK. The nearest shade is never good enough for me so this year I intend to label my thread racks and create a database of the threads I use to help me have all the necessary backups. Hopefully this will help me when it comes to doing each thread order. I do have a pencil and paper in the tray that sits in front of my machine so I can jot down thread numbers as soon as a spool is empty. I advise everybody to do this.

It is always easy to be envious of other people’s embroidery rooms but like kitchens I suspect that everybody would dearly love a little more storage space, no matter how large they are. If you require more space buy some pretty covered boxes that will stack upon each other and keep supplies in there.

Keeping our rooms orderly and simple is crucial if there are to be places of creativity, beauty and calm. That will only happen if we really know exactly where everything is because we put everything away each day or at least after every project. That reminds me that when I did my “huge” throw out and sort I planned to put labels on the inside of the cupboard doors listing their contents. Must do that very soon.

So I am going to spend a little time at the beginning of this year and tidy up everything making a list of the supplies that need to be ordered so I do not run out of anything. Then I can confidently start my next embroidery project without running out of thread or not being able to find that fabric I bought for it. I am sure you have your own ideas on how to be organised and clutter free in your work rooms, so do please share your ideas in the comments box below.

I hope that 2020 is a wonderful year for you in all areas of your life but especially when it comes to the time you spend in your work room. Being creative is very therapeutic and beneficial so I encourage you to plan some embroidery time this month and create a work of art on your machine. Push yourself to do more advanced embroidery, take a tutorial and bring a smile to your face in 2020! Check out my 12 Days of Christmas event which must finish on January 5th, 2020 as many embroidery sets can be purchased there at ridiculously low prices.

Happy embroidering from Hazel

4 thoughts on “Machine embroidery resolutions for 2020

  1. I need to have a good sort out and declutter in my sewing room, too. No, there’s never enough storage, but I’m working on using what fabric I have rather than buying more and this year I have taken opportunities to donate fabrics and gadgets to those creating for charities, such as fabric sanitary pads for girls in foreign parts. I hope to continue with that this year. I have a lot of supplies purchased when undertaking a City & Guilds diploma in Creative Machine Embroidery. These include art supplies, fabric dyes and paints, texturising and waterproofing products and lots of fabrics like organza, ribbons, satins, lace, leather and kraft tex. I can’t bring myself to get rid of them, but am not actually using them much at present and they take up a lot of space. So, I have no helpful advice, sorry, but I could do with some!

  2. I need to sort thru all my sewing room supplies. With the holidays behind me I am going to start the tedious process of moving my sewing room to another room and moving the extra bedroom to the “former” sewing room. I will probably “FIND” lots of missing things!!! lol It is going to take some time but it needs to be done. Wish me luck!

  3. I really need to organize my notions and thread so that they are more accessible, when I need them. Since I have a number of hoops, I want to find a way to store them, but also handy. I am considering the hoop pocket hangers that several people have made to store their hoops to help solve this problem..

  4. Some great tips. While i hate taking the time to organize, I always appreciate it when done. The week between Christmas and the New Year, and then in mid-July are clean up times where are purge closets, wipe down all my cupboards, wash the dishes, and straighten sewing cabinets.

    for thread,I do use the thread tracking option in my Embroidery software to keep me up to date on inventory, but not my standard sewing thread. To manage it, when a spool is empties, i keep it until heading to the fabric store when thread is on sale buy 3 get three free or 50% off sales and redirect those funds toward fabrics instead. Happy 2020!

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