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Blending embroidery colours

I have been blending embroidery threads for a while now. It allows me to soften the area where two colours join but it also can be used to create a new colour. This is an exciting edition to my embroidery designs especially when I am able to give a new dimension to leaves and flowers.

Here you can see a design from my future Jacobean Sampler collection. Notice that I have used greens and mauves together for a gorgeous look.

The stylised leaf and top of the flower have been blended with two colours. To add further colourful style to these designs many of them become more colourful with the addition of dazzling outlines and cross stitches that sit over some fills.

Here are more examples of the infill inside flowers which has been been curved to make the flowers more natural. The outlines on leaves and flowers should stand out in these Jacobean type designs and this sometimes requires a colour to be repeated. Using metallic thread will also make the outline more distinct.

A great deal of blending was required for the stags in this collection. I hope to do another blog just about them. Finding the right browns, beige’s and taupe’s has been a challenge for me. Animals and birds are more of challenge for me, but maybe that is because I have not done so many.

The curvaceous effect on the body of the stag and within some leaves and flowers is called the florentine or liquid effect. In the process of digitising I am able to “bend” the stitches to follow the angles. The stitches of each colour are also made denser on one side and lighter on the other, and vice versa for the other colour.

Here we see the first colour which I usually make the darker of the two.

This is the top colour and is is just a little lighter.

Here you see how the effect works. the lower colour was Sulky Rayon 1209 Light avocado and the upper colour was Sulky Rayon 1331 Pale green. Remember that the colours on your machine screen and in your software, and my PDF’s are not reliable. Sometimes it is important to view the spools themselves.

Noticed how inaccurate the software colours are compared to the threads. The blending has also been perfect for the completing the logs on which each of the stags has been standing. I am delighted with the results for in machine embroidery there are no individual curved stitches.

I hope that you love these fascinating designs which almost have an exotic feel to them. Make them as colourful as possible. Members of my Group Forum have been downloading these everyday for several weeks as freebies. Interested? You can download them too for free, providing you join before Wednesday 9th October 2019. The designs will be released for sale later this year and as well as these elements there will be 8″ x 8″ blocks which I hope you will love.

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Happy embroidering from Hazel

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  1. I have loved your site through the years but the last two years i started working out side of the home that left me no time to spend on line and i have just had a hard time maneuvering through this new website, i cannot find how to get to any free series at all ever, beside my frustration lays at the fact I thought i was doing all the right things saving my life on an external hard drive backup system and even backed that up but they both failed that means i have lost 20 years of anything i have made or purchased through those years and like yours everyone else has updated and i have no access to past purchases past a certain time, I try not to be emotional about this but i am choked up as i write this oh well I just need help to find how to get this new free set please

    1. I have emailed you privately. Just to let you and anybody else who is interested, Graceful Embroidery always helps customers who have lost designs due to hard drive crashes etc. There is no time limit. Sometimes it takes a while to seek them all out especially for orders bought before 2014 but I always restore your purchases to your account. They are always there to download should you need to do that again. I suggest that designs and other precious data like family photos be stored in cloud storage. All my work is stored in DropBox and this reduces the amount of hard drive I require on my computers. These files are safe giving peace of mind.

  2. Hi Hazel, I love how your color blending technique gives an added color depth to the design. Thanks for sharing this technique with us.

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