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Guest Blog: Happy Anniversary to Graceful Embroidery!

Every year in early September, Hazel celebrates Graceful Embroidery’s anniversary by giving a complete collection of design elements to members of her Embroidery Group.  It’s her mile stone in life, but we get the gifts!  How special, and generous, is that?

          Each original element is digitized to Hazel’s high standard of quality and affords many creative applications.  For those who are new to the world of machine embroidery, or those of us a little unsure of how small, individual elements might prove to be valuable, I have a few examples that might help inspire.

          The theme for this anniversary collection is Jacobean embroidery. In one the Hazel’s blogs, Let’s talk Jacobean machine embroidery, she offers a bit of background about this style of embroidery. Searching “Pinterest Jacobean Embroidery” displays countless images to further understand the original concept.  Inspiration for duplicating the pure form of Jacobean Embroidery can certainly be found while viewing the images.

          However, the elements can be combined in many ways and stitched on any project you desire.

   Week 2-design 1, could easily be joined into a border design which would make a lovely accent on a towel.

          Bring two elements into the work space flipping the second element both vertically and horizontally.

Place them so the tip of the stems just touch.  Save this unit under a new file name to preserve the original file for future use.  The new file can now be repeated as often as needed to form the proper border length.

          Combining two different elements adds additional interest to a border design.. 

The example displays File 1-3 on top with 1-2 underneath it.  In an effort to create more balance to the stacked designs, file 1-2 was rotated counter-clockwise about 65° or until the top of the flourish was straight up.

Once again, the two units were combined and saved under a new file name. The new file was repeated until the needed length was created. This vertical example would work well on a place mat or even a tote bag.

Garments are also greatly enhanced with Jacobean Embroidery. Design 4 from weeks 1 and 2 combine to form a 6½” x 2½” unit which could be used on a yoke or side seams at the hemline of a child’s garment. 

Once the “combining bug” bites, you won’t be able to stop!  Creativity may have you going bigger and bolder!  Possibly creating your own square blocks which are perfect for quilt, throw pillows or tote bags.  Just have fun!

Thank you, Hazel, for these wonderfully inspiring designs!

I am very grateful to Pamela Cox for writing this guest blog. These daily freebie designs are available at Graceful Embroidery, to all members of the Graceful Embroidery Group Forum. Make sure you join before this event closes on 9th October when they will be withdrawn and put up for sale.

Happy embroidering to you all from Hazel

3 thoughts on “Guest Blog: Happy Anniversary to Graceful Embroidery!

  1. Thank you for the post. I have a difficult time combing elements of a design set. This helps a great deal.

  2. I love your post. Resizing is a serious problem at times. It can be very frustrating to see what you want to do and not be able to figure out how.
    Where in the group do you go to see the birthday daily downloads? I’m still just seeing the August freebie. Thanks!

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