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The story of a Katie Grace stitch out

This month Katie Grace is the collection of the month so you will get all 4 sets in the collection for just $35. I decided to do a new stitch out of the designs with a few colour changes.

The best way to embroider the designs from a collection is to do a large combination of smaller designs.

I did my editing in Husqvarna Premier 2+ Modify beginning with my 360mm xx 260mm (14.2″ x 10.5″) Imperial hoop so I could make the embroidery as big as possible.

I selected GFE-KGR-3-6 as my first design and copied it on to a new design file and rotated it on its side.

I then opened, selected, copied and pasted GFE-KGR-2-16.

I carefully rotated this design while it was still selected to fit in nicely beside the first design. Then I copied it again in this new position, so the rotated design was on my clipboard.

Pasted on to the working design it needed to be flipped vertically and moved to the top of the hoop. It helps to have the grid numbers showing at this point in your software.

To make sure both designs are aligned correctly you need to choose a point to check the alignment. Matching the corners where the yellow flowers are, is not practical as they are too far apart. As you can see I have zoomed in and checked two positions nearer the centre of the hoop. I tend to look for where the point of a flower or leaf sits within the grid.

At this point I decided that the best place for another design was on the left, which is the base of the embroidery as it is stitched out on its side in this hoop. To accommodate another design you may need to select everything so the embroidery can be positioned to the extreme right, but obviously within the hoop. Use the nudge arrows on your keyboard to move the design rather than grabbing it and moving it with your mouse. This way it will stay aligned centrally.

I left a little gap, one square on my grid which is about 5.0mm (0.20″) Looking through the designs I found that GFE-KGR-3-10 had potential so I opened, copied and pasted on my working design.

Everything appears to be nicely within the hoop, so at this point you need to colour sort your design, as it has 60 colour changes (it should reduce to 12 colour changes) and also centre the design just in case. Save it as a Katie Grace combo or a similar name. I always suggest that you keep all your Graceful Embroidery designs in a folder called by that name, with sub-folders for each collection. Within the main Graceful Embroidery folder I suggest you have an Edits folder where you save any designs that you change.

Here is my design stitching out on pale almond silk dupion on my Husqvarna Epic. Notice that some of my jump stitches have not been cut. This could have been prevented if I had selected the Insert jump stitches. However I think that sometimes it depends on how I have saved the design to the machine. I think it may happen when I am not able to save a design to the Husqvarna cloud which is a little different from copying and pasting, where some properties are not saved. I welcome your comments on this one and I need to do a little more investigation, as to when this happens.

When editing a design always create a new file before you begin so the original is not lost.

I choose not to use the original colours for my stitch out, selecting them as I went! I love doing this, and with practise the results can be quite spectacular, as colour choices do not always show correctly on the screen or in our software. I always lay a chosen spool of thread on the fabric alongside the already embroidered design to see how it looks.

I think it is important not to stitch out the scroll work in too bright or distinct a colour. A neutral shade works better as they are a bit like a frame. (Just my opinion!)

If jump stitches do not cut or you do not have that facility on your machine, or have it deselected, I advise trimming between colour changes.

Always ask your dealer what needle works best on your machine and do not use cheap inferior needles.

By the way I was using a Schmetz Top stitching 80/12 needle for the embroidery. Many years ago I stopped using embroidery needles as I was advised by my dealer that this was a better choice for my machine.

I found that the centre of the purple flowers were not raised enough so I stitched them again.

I was delighted with the results of this stitch out. I hope you like it. Please notice that I have not used any primary colours as they tend not to blend well with other colours. My primary colours do not get used very often at all!

In this photo you can see that I have not hooped the fabric. I tend not to do that most of the time. Once I have hooped my stabiliser, (I used 2 layers of stitch and tear) I attach the fabric with temporary adhesive and basting stitches. Do not use the spray near your machine.

I believe that the colours you use in an embroidery are very important, so I advise not introducing too many into your work, focusing on dark and lighter shades of some existing colours.

These are some of the Sulky Rayon 40 wt thread colours that I have used in this stitch out:

To view all the designs in this collection click here

Happy embroidering from Hazel at Graceful Embroidery

6 thoughts on “The story of a Katie Grace stitch out

  1. Hazel, such lovely designs. I love all your tip and hints to get a beautiful stitch out. Big hugs and thanks 🤗

  2. Thinking about the issue that some designs do not seem to contain all their properties when uploaded to my embroidery machine (trimming jump stitches). Is there a difference between copying and pasting a design, and exporting a design to another location like a USB stick. What do you think?

  3. I know I am a little late on posting this, but i just had to comment on this post. I have always loved the Katie Grace collection and these color choices on the almond silk dupioni are beautiful. Love love love it.

  4. I purchased this one some time ago I just love it made a quilt using the design but unfortunately as soon as my daughter saw it it moved to her house

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