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Embroidering a large circular design

While I was working on the Bundle of Joy collection I started digitising a wreath shaped design but half way through I wondered if I could do more with it.

As I often create wreath shaped designs I thought I would challenge myself to fill it in. Having achieved that I had to split the design as it is nearly 300mm by 300mm (11.25″ x 11.25″) Let me share the process of embroidering it out in a 12″ x 8″ hoop.

The right side of the design (GFE-BDJ-5-12A) is embroidered first, with the first set of outline alignment stitches (OAS) stitching out on just your hooped stitch and tear so you know the shape. Although stitched in red these stitches are only on the stabiliser so they will not spoil the embroidery and will be removed when it is complete.

Remove the hoop from your machine so you can attach the fabric. I used ivory silk dupion which measured about 15″ square. Attach it with temporary adhesive (use well away from devices, computer and your embroidery machine) making sure you leave enough fabric on the left for the second design, GFE-BDJ-5-12B

Use the second set of Outline alignment stitches (OAS) to hold the fabric in place. Although featured in blue in my designs, you do not have to use that colour.

Then you can embroider the design out.

The first design is now finished. Remove the hoop from your machine.

Take the fabric out of the hoop and remove the excess stabiliser, but leave the “red” OAS in place so you can match them up with those from the second design. Place another piece of stabiliser in the hoop and stitch out the first set of OAS for the second design.

Remove the hoop from the machine. Spray the stabiliser with temporary adhesive spray. Carefully match up the red OAS starting at one end and working along to the other. Take your time to do this as it is the most important part of the process.

As my fabric is slightly see through I can check alignment each end. If you cannot see though use a pin and place it through to see if it comes out at the right place on the back. Double check everything again!

Return the hoop to your machine and check everything once more before stitching out the 2nd set of OAS which will hold the fabric in place.

Now you are ready to finish off the embroidery.

As I have not crowded the elements too much in the embroidery, a little misalignment will not show. This technique needs a little practise, but you will soon get the hang of it.

The embroidery is finished and you can see the Outline alignment stitches weaving their way through the centre of the embroidery. Now the stabiliser can be removed and all jump stitches carefully removed, before pressing on the back to set the stitches and make the embroidery stand out. I think that my embroidery is perfect for a circular cushion that I have.

This design is part of the final set in the Bundle of Joy collection, which I believe is my most versatile yet. Along the way I discovered that most of the designs are suitable for making lace! As well as this split circular design you will find buttonholes, a smocking panel and a wonderful corner design. Enjoy!

The Bundle of Joy collection which has a total of 5 sets, is available for just $42 until the end of July 2019.

Happy embroidering from Hazel

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  1. I love your explanation and little tutorial on the placing of this circular design – it has endless possibilities – your creativity knows no bounds – thank you for sharing this with us.

  2. Beautiful designs that will decorate our heirlooms of the future . Thank you Hazel for another detailed tutorial that is so easy to understand.

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