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The designs in the Embroiderer’s Prayer collection

When creating a unique prayer appropriate for embroiderers I asked my daughter, Natalie to paraphrase 2 significant verses of scripture. Her twin sister, Jenny created the graphics for me, so this is an unparalleled collection of designs. I hope that you will embroider this prayer and be inspired as well as being challenged by the truth behind it!

This is one of my favourite designs in the collection. I just adore asymmetrical designs like this one.

You can see the detail in the roses, and I have to admit that it took a long time to get the correct combination of colours to get the depth of these flowers, so please use the threads that I recommend in my PDF. I used a variegated thread for the lace and was pleased with the result.

This is a possible wall hanging which uses quite a few of the designs, and I think that they would be wonderful for a quilt too. In total there are over 100 designs in the Embroiderer’s Prayer collection. Why so many you may ask? Firstly there are five sets for five different size of hoops. You will notice that as well as the floral designs, which can decorate your prayer, I have included lace work for borders and corners, which can be stitched in subtle tones of ivory and pink, or just in one colour. I always like to include as many possible elements in a collection.

There are several ways to stitch out the prayer, and of course you can create your own version as the words are available on their own.

Or you may want to surround it with the lace frames and corners.

Of course you don’t have to embroider the prayer as there are plenty of other options within the collection.

Here is a combination that I just created! I first opened GFE-EMP-5-4 and just selected the first 4 colourways to make a frame on a 360 x 260 hoop. I deleted half of the frame and moved it up as high as I was able.

I copied and pasted this frame below so that I had as much space as possible for the prayer.

To edit the prayer I opened GFE-EMP-3-9, GFE-EMP-3-10 and GFE-EMP3-11 and pasted them in the centre. This required a little editing to centre them all.

Now you could embroider the lace on the fabric, but you could also prepare the lace on tulle or English cotton net, beforehand and add it as a extra. The possibilities are endless. I hope this starts you on the journey to creating something special with these designs. They are available for just $35 but be quick as the offer runs out on May 1st, 2019.

Happy embroidering from Hazel

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  1. The sewers prayer embroidery is beautiful I hope to embroider it in the near future. Thank you Hazel

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