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Embroidery projects for your sewing room

This week I am featuring another guest blog which I am sure you will all love. Marrilyn always does exquisite work and her machine cover is a splendid addition to her sewing room, along with these other items.

For this project I combined designs from the Embroiderer’s Prayer, Antique Sewing Machine 1 and Bridal Lace 2. Using my original machine cover as a guide I made Patterns for each panel. I was given a remnant of self-patterned curtain fabric which I thought was firm enough to combine with double-sided fusible cotton batting and quilting cotton for the lining to make the cover substantial. I embroidered with Robison-Anton threads and Janome Metallic gold and silver.


Firstly I opened Embird Editor and selected a hoop compatible with the desired embroidery size I wanted to create, then I selected a few designs I might like to combine. I changed the fuchsia stamens to orange because when smart colour-sorted they sometimes join with the silver and I want gold stamens. I edited elements from a chosen designs and added tie ON/OFF stitches to each separated element to prevent unravelling. Next I began to play with the designs to combine them until I was happy with the look and the required size.

When duplicating a design make sure to copy and paste from the first design to prevent errors occurring.

Using my original machine cover as a guide I made patterns for each panel. Sandwich together Top, Batting and Lining and on the top edge trim the batting 1/2″ down from the top edge to take out the bulk when lining is folded over after stitching 1/2″ seam right next to the edge of the batting. Turn lining to the back and press then top-stitch the top edge.

Next, I set my machine for free Motion stitching and quilted around the self-pattern on the fabric, firstly to create an embossed look and make then pattern “pop”  but most importantly to give added stability to the cover by quilting all three layers together.

Next, I set my machine for free Motion stitching and quilted around the self-pattern on the fabric, firstly to create an embossed look and make then pattern “pop”  but most importantly to give added stability to the cover by quilting all three layers together. The pocket was then stitched to the lower half of the back.

All other embroidered panels were quilted in the same manner.


After cutting my panels to size I began construction by joining the top panel to each end panel to get the correct fit then bound the inside seams with bias binding and stitched the final turn by hand to prevent stitches showing on the outside.The joining seams were top-stitched from the front.

The bottom edge of each side panel was bound with 1/2″ binding then fancy stitched to form a lace-like edging.

I covered my piping cord with a  1″ strip of 2-way stretch lycra being careful not to stretch the fabric as I stitched. (I chose Lycra because there was no need for bias fabric required for the curves)

I bias bound the top Flap and used the same fancy stitches to finish the binding before I attached it to the Front top Panel before piping.

Then I stitched the piping to the Top and Side panels being sure to extend the piping on the ends which will be required for joining the Front and Back panels.  I stitched the Back to the back of the Top panel seam leaving the side seams open.

The piping cord was pulled out and clipped 1/2″ from the casing to take away the bulk when the binding was added. A rectangle was cut and bound above the back pockets and on the back panel making an opening for the machine carry handle.

I stitched the back side seams and finished the inside raw edges with bias binding. The front was positioned and stitched to the Top and sides then bound on the inside. The Front and Back bottom edges were bound to match the flap and the same fancy stitches finished the edge.

I covered my 29mm self cover buttons with the cotton lining fabric which I embroidered by resizing a design from Bridal Lace B12-1-14 to 29mm. The buttonholes on the Back Flap were embellished with scrolls and leaves from Antique Sewing Machine.

I attached the buttons with dental floss for extra strength.


Two – 3 1/2″ squares of Aida cloth were embroidered with designs from Vintage Grace birthday gifts. All sides were marked in halves and the points were matched to the half-way markings and the seams stitched by hand then embellished with a string of pearls.


Using designs GFE -EMP -5-9 and GFE-EMP-5-10 from The Embroiderer’s Prayer I embroidered my sewing chair Back in colours to match the machine cover. I did add a few colour stops  to add variation.

After embroidering my designs I made a sandwich of Top, Batting and Backing and with construction thread I Free Motion embroidered around the designs using a stipple stitch on the Back and between lettering on the Front and outlined the self patterned fabric with needle down position beginning in the centre of the design and working outwards.

After stippling the 2″ wide gusset I covered the Piping Cord as before with 2-way stretch Lycra and stitched it to the gusset edges.

I can only say just how much I enjoyed creating this set with fantastic designs. Marrilyn Northeast 2019

Here is a close up of the antique sewing machine. Thank you so much Marrilyn for sharing this with us all. You must be very proud of what you have achieved, every time you go into your sewing room. Thank you for inspiring us all.

Happy embroidering from Hazel

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  1. Wow what a beautiful project – you have inspired me no end. Thank you for sharing your talent.

  2. Marrilyn always does make such beautiful embroidered artwork, I’m honoured to be a friend xx

  3. OMG! Those items are just beautiful. Thank you for sharing your lovely work with us.

  4. With the wonderful machines that we have the possibilities for creating amazing project is not as hard as we may anticipate. Sometimes it just requires us to take the first steps. Every year in September I invite the members of my Embroidery Group Forum to enter their work in a competition. Time and time again they say that they are pleasantly surprised by what they achieve.
    Our next competition will be in September this year and it has prizes of $1000, $750 and $500 to spend at Graceful Embroidery, and every valid entry get Rewards to purchase a set of designs, so why would you not enter? I am looking forward to seeing all the beautiful photos that arrive in my inbox. I do hope you will be sending me photos to. Join the group now:-https://gracefulembroiderycom.groupanic.net/
    Happy embroidering from Hazel

  5. Many thanks for your compliments ladies. This was a really pleasurable project with Hazels stunning designs

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