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My Orchids for Ruth collection

Back in 2017 I finally created a collection of designs which I had put off digitising for some time. I just adore orchids, in particular the Phalaenopsis variety, and was reluctant to convert them to embroidery until I could be satisfied with the result. The option of making dimensional orchids brought these beautiful flowers to life on fabric. This month the whole collection which comprises 5 sets for different sizes of hoops, is available at a special price and I encourage you to get these designs, embroider them out and introduce them into your home.

I devised a simple system of creating the petals and sepals before hand and carefully laying them on your fabric, in a marked place, so that the lip and throat of the flower holds them in place. Watch my video which shows you the process.

I get asked so many times, “what should I create with your designs?” How about a simple greetings card.

This gorgeous tissue box cover has been embroidered with Orchids for Ruth and the dragonflies have been included. As a finishing touch lace has been embroidered from my Bridal lace collection. How there are enough designs within the 5 sets in the collection to create a unique quilt or wall hanging.

With the bamboo frames in these designs how about creating a very special jacket? I would position the frames around the cuffs but don’t forget that an embroidered garment is never complete until a spectacular embroidery is added to the back, making that final statement!!! GFE-ORT-5-1 is perfect for the back of a garment.

Out of the 60+ designs in the collection, you may ask which is your favourite? GFE-ORT-5-6 is one of my favourites with its bamboo borders. But secretly I love them all.

During March 2019 the whole collection is available for just $35, so take a more in depth view of the designs or purchase them here:
The Orchids for Ruth collection

Remember that most months one of the Graceful Embroidery collections is available at just $35.

Happy embroidering from Hazel

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