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Guest blog: Arabella Bullion Bourdoir cushion

This is the first of a series of guest blogs at Graceful Threads of Inspiration. Over the years I have seen some outstanding embroidered projects that have been carefully created using my designs. Unable to actually see these beautiful works of art up close, I really would like to know more about their construction and what better way for us all to view them than by a blog. The first project shows how well designs from different collections can be perfectly blended together if you use the same colour scheme.

As soon as I saw this set I knew it was a MUST HAVE and knew I wanted to make a bedroom cushion to compliment the stitch-building quilt I was making.

I  had just enough silk left after making stitch-building quilt to gather a full width of fabric 10″ wide.

I originally asked my friend to pleat it on her smocking pleater but she was advised that my fabric was too fine and would leave needle holes so, needs must be, I got out my gathering foot and mono filament thread in the needle and gathered multiple rows down the length of the fabric.

I used a design from Arabella Bullion 5, GFE-ARB-5-5 and edited out 5 of the border designs to stitch top and bottom of the hoop to form a frame for the left-hand side of the cushion. I slit the button-holes and threaded them with satin ribbon. I used Robison Anton rayon threads.

The right-hand panel was designed from edited elements of Arabella Bullion, GFE-5-17, to the length of the first side and floral elements from Arabella Bullion, GFE-3-2 were added.

I made my lace using elements from Regency Whispers 1, GFE-REG-1-2 and edited GFE-REG-1-3. in multiple repeats, which Hazel was happy for me to do.  An organza which had a satin selvage was used as the foundation. I cut a 3″ wide strip 17″ long, attached it to the hooped water-soluble stabilizer with the FIX stitch and began the embroidery 5/8″ away from the selvage for continuous lace to 17″ long.

After trimming the 2 embroidered cushion fronts to roughly 18″ x 10″ each I stitched them together. The lace was stitched over the seam line using the satin selvage with an open stitch to imitate ribbon insertion. An open circle stitch fills the space between the header and the embroidery finished with 2 rows of entredeux. My cushion front was then trimmed to 16 ½” inches square and a zippered back was made.

A 3″ x 65″ strip of fabric is joined to form a circle then folded and edge-stitched and gathered to form the frill attached to the piped cushion front and zippered back to complete the cushion.

I would like to thank Hazel for her delightful designs and inspirations.

                                                                                            Marrilyn Northeast 2018

Thank you Marrilyn. Your cushion is amazing and I particularly love the lace, as you have done exactly what I had in mind when I created the Regency Whispers collection. I already have a few other embroidered projects that will be featured in this way. If you have created something special with designs from Graceful Embroidery, that you would be prepared to tell the tale of its creation and have suitable photos to accompany it, please get in touch to be considered.

Happy embroidering from Hazel

8 thoughts on “Guest blog: Arabella Bullion Bourdoir cushion

  1. Thank you for sharing your stunningly beautiful and elegant pillow with instructions on how you created your pillow .

  2. When you see what another has created it inspires you and when you can read how it was created that is even better. Thank you for sharing.

  3. wow, that is stunning. Wish I had just a portion of your talent! Thank You for sharing your picture.

  4. I wanted to further comment after re reading this blog on the pillow. It is truly a work of art! I don’t understand all the steps but just looking at the pillow it looks vintage and very professionally made. Great job Marilyn Northeast! I hope to one day be able to create something as beautiful as your pillow! And of course using Hazels wonderful designs and lace perfected the pillow with that vintage finish!

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