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The march of the Nutcrackers

This Christmas it seems that we have all become fascinated with decorative Nutcrackers due to the release of the film, the Nutcracker and the Four realms. I well remember my first attendance at Covent Garden, London to the Royal Ballet perform Tchaikovsky’s wonderful ballet of the Nutcracker, so when I decided to digitise some of these charming figures, I decided first to do my homework and find out more.

Some believed in the past, that nutcrackers having a fierce set of teeth would protect its owners from danger. They are surrounded with legend and folklore. Very few of the carved wooded ones can actually be used to crack nuts! Apparently they are now a collectors item now and many are lovingly crafted and painted in wood in Germany. My collection of nutcrackers start with 3 figures and I have created them for the 5×7 hoop.

Dressing them is fun and as my good friend Pamela stated, “much like those precious paper dolls we used to play with as children” long before technology changed our lives forever. This is the first figure and he is very traditional.

Creating these figures allows me to really explore all the capabilities of my Wilcom embroidery software! Here you see the distinctive red and white mouth and the other facial details coming together.

These nutcrackers will be great for embroidering on clothing, bags and for making Christmas decorations. They are just the right size for a tree skirt!

I fancy attaching one to special presents that have been wrapped up in plain paper. Remember one of the easiest fabrics to stitch out on is felt so this would be perfect for such a project.

This is my second nutcracker and you can see how I played with spiral fills here giving him intricate clothing. He is stitched in rich greens and yellows but change these colours and you will get a very different look.

This is the third nutcracker in the first set.

Notice the double satin jewels on his hat which are very pronounced. I have yet to experiment with crystals and pearls but I think they will work perfectly if you use small ones.

Get this first set before the end of the year for just $17.50

So what is coming next? This is one of my future nutcrackers which begs the question, “Can you wait until next December for these or do you want them released as soon as possible?” Please respond in the comments underneath.

Happy New Year from Hazel at Graceful Embroidery

12 thoughts on “The march of the Nutcrackers

  1. Oh please don’t make us wait a whole year! I hope to see Herr Drosselmeyer, the Mouse King, the Prince and of course, Clara! Maybe even the Sugar Plum Fairy!!! Yours are GORGEOUS!

  2. YES PLEASE, release as soon as you can digitize them! Gives us a chance to start work on a Christmas project early :0) I absolutely adore the three you have already done. Thank You!! Happy New Year to all!

  3. Oh so pretty, my favorite to collect, please do not make us wait. I can do them now, during the cold dark winter and have them ready to decorate my table, pillows, place mats for next Christmas Eve’s Family Dinner. Please offer them as soon as you digitize, and give use the chance to complete before next Christmas.

  4. Please release them throughout the year!!! Seriously. Every Christmas I wish I had started earlier on projects. If inspired throughout the year with your wonderful Nutcrackers, I might, finally, start earlier on Christmas projects!!! LOL PS. Don’t limit your Christmas ideas and wonderful designs to the Nutcrackers to be released throughout the year. One can never think too far ahead in embroidery years!!!

    1. That is so right Pamela. Every January I intend to start my planning too! Watch out for new Christmas designs coming throughout the year. They are on my list. Send me your photos as they will inspire me.

  5. Oh yes!!! Please release the full cast of Nutcracker asap. That way we can plan and make our projects to give and enjoy next year. These are fantastic!

  6. Yes, please! Your nutcrackers are magnificent! The various fills and designs that you have used on the nutcrackers really bring them to life. They project a 3D image and look like they could march right off of the fabric that you have stitched them on. I love my computer touch screen, because it enables me to enlarge your designs and really see the intricate detail that you digitize into each your designs.

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