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Embroidering a large design and using the wrong thread!

When I was digitising the first designs in the new Vintage Grace collection I had the advantage of the big picture. I have admired the clip-art that was used for this collection for a long time, wanting to create detailed embroidery designs from it. 

I just adore the variety of lilies in this, especially as there are several and decided to make each one different with blended thread colours for a more natural look. You may choose to stitch yours our in the same colours.

With such a complex embroidery in mind I also choose a large array of colours, including quite a few greens. Look at any bunch of flowers or the plants alongside the road and there are lots of shades of greens.

Normally I do not use lots of colours but I felt it was needed for these designs, to help the flowers and leaves come alive.

As the other sets in this collection are released, for larger hoops, you will see the potential and versatility of these first designs which are the elements.

With a few adjustments the designs in the first set were combined to create this panel, with a detailed and delicate lace type border.

Here are the stages of the stitch out of this panel.

Notice that the lace panel has been stitched at each side and the lace ivy leaves weave throughout the panel.

Several sprays of delicate tiny flowers fill in the gaps. The box of stitches around the embroidery seen here are my Outline Alignment stitches that are holding the cream silk dupion to the stitch and tear stabiliser.

The embroidery was stitched out in a 12″ by 8″ hoop. There is always a danger with mega designs that the wrong threads will be used. Spot the error here!

Yes the rose leaves are stitching out in dark red. whoops! I know this can be so disheartening, but take heart as we have all been there, and very often stopping the machine and re-threading with the correct thread will solve the problem. It is certainly worth trying. Don’t forget to take your machine back to the first stitch of the colour way as I have in the photo. You end up with a slightly more bulky embroidery but often times nobody else would notice.

 This is the finished panel. You will find this panel split into five sections in the second set in this collection. Vintage Grace 1 for 4″ x 4″ hoops has already been released. At the moment the set is available for just $16 until Monday 26th November 2018.

Happy embroidering from Hazel











2 thoughts on “Embroidering a large design and using the wrong thread!

  1. Hi Hazel, I love this stunning panel and the border that you digitized to encompass the beautiful flowers is so elegant. I think anyone who machine embroiders makes the mistake at least once and most of us a number of times where we start to embroider the next phase of a design and discover to our dismay that the wrong color thread is stitching out a part of the design. I am sure that there are a lot of people who will appreciate how you were able to rectify this accident on your panel. Fortunately, the first time that this happened to me I decided to go back to the beginning stitch where the right color was supposed to start.and try to stitch over that part with the correct color thread. I don’t think too many people noticed my mistake and your mistake is not noticeable at all.

    1. Best to let your mistakes be features if they cannot be covered over! Thank you for commenting

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