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tiny heirloom designs are so versatile

I have been asked numerous times to create small designs for some of my heirloom collections that can be used for doll’s and tiny baby clothes. With a little editing in your embroidery software these can also be combined to create unique curved collar accents, borders, panels and inserts, perfect for an important embroidery project.

I am going to play with some of these designs in my embroidery software, to show you a little of what you can produce with them.

This is a combination of design #1 with design #2 placed each side. It makes a nice border for around a sleeve.

As you can see I have created design #3 so it can be placed tightly in a row.

Now design #4 will not sit in a row but it works in a diagonal if each alternate design is vertically flipped.

Having drawn a collar shape in my software I combined designs #5, 6 and 23 to see how they looked.

This was my second attempt using designs #7, 13 and 14. The curve of the leaves fits wonderfully with the curve of a collar.

If you have the “encore” feature in your software open design #11 and 12 and create a wreath with them as I have done here. How you position the 2 designs and the number of repeats will effect the end result. I have highlighted how I positioned them and I choose to merge six of them. Every time you use this feature the results are slightly different.

I love the buttonholes in this collection and I have paired design #21 with the scallop design #15. Do cut the button holes and thread ribbon through.

Taking design #27 I have created a little panel of designs which could be used as an insert. I hope this gives you an idea of how you can use these designs. The possibilities are endless. Have fun! By the way a while back I produced Georgiana 6 my first set of designs for 1.6″ square hoops so they can be used in similar way. More will follow if you ask for them.

Une Petit Princesse 6 is has been released today, 11th June 2017.

Happy embroidering from Hazel

2 thoughts on “tiny heirloom designs are so versatile

  1. HI Hazel!!

    The Une Petite Princesse 6 set is beautiful! I sew American Girl 18″ doll clothes & these will certainly add to their appearance. I can see different designs of this set gracefully set on Peter Pan collar blouses & many other uses (border trims etc.) Heading over to check this out!

    Have a fabulous week ahead! Thanks for sharing your awesome talents.

    Kindest regards,
    Mary Margaret

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