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making designs unique and beautiful

Digitising flowers is a tremendous challenge. As I grow lots of flowers in my garden with the purpose of transforming them into embroidery, I realise how difficult it is to capture their beauty in stitches, which are just very small lines. It is easy to create a satin petal and then create a flower by grouping four, five or six of them together. I try to aim at more than that, although those type of flowers make excellent fill-ins. There are at least two ways to digitise flowers, flat as though you are looking at them from above, and in a more natural way, getting as close as is possible to the real thing.

I was deciding on the final colours to use in my Beatrice collection, when I was struck how ordinary some of the flowers were, and I decided to digitise some more small delicate orchids so that the collection is more than just pretty. After all if these designs are to be stitched out in silk thread they need to be more than ordinary, don’t you agree? I have replaced several of the flowers with these little orchids. It would be impossible to capture every detail of any orchid in flowers this size, so I have focused on the important shapes which are unique to them.

close up of new orchids

There are quite a few colours in these designs, twelve in all, although most of them are very similar, my usual neutral tones. Subtle colour shades and tones bring life to your embroidery and it is best to avoid the use of primary colours. 

new orchids

Although the designs feature some lovely soft colours I have made the bees darker, and have introduced a blush and dusty pink to help the orchids to pop! This is a design from the second set of Beatrice designs, for 5″ x 7″ hoops. It has been stitched in the following colours of Fujix Tire #50 silk thread on silk dupion with a Schmetz top stitching needle 80/12:-

403 winter white, 47 Light khaki, 50 Wood pigeon, 41 Linen, 42 Eggshell, 159 Ivory, 124 Cocoa Rose, 136 Stone, 87 Dusty pink, 156 Jasmine, 37 Blush, 76 Ecru (the names of each thread colour vary so be sure to order by the number)


I found this a lovely soft thread to use, and had no breakages at all in my stitch outs. Silk also creates very little lint unlike some other threads. Although more expensive I thought it worth the extra cost, and will be using it again for my designs as it is so vibrant.

In finishing off the first set of designs, I have also created several delicate satin ribbons with a pretty notched edging. These ribbons can be used to join clusters of embroidery which is often required on heirloom items, creating a unique shape. There is an option for stitching edges of the ribbons in a different colour.


There is also a two part bow that can also be combined with these designs. It will be available as one design in the second set for 5″ by 7″ hoops. These 3 images show you how to combine the 2 sections of the top of the bow if you only have a 4″ by 4″ hoop.


Embroider out GFE-BEA-1-22


Use the Outline alignment stitches of GFE-BEA-1-23 on hooped stabiliser to accurately place it alongside.


There will be other designs in the future sets that you can use to create your own heirloom combinations. However here is one that I put together below the combined bow.

2016-08-18_22-57-01Without the Outline alignment stitches you get to see the beauty of the combination.

BEA combo

Just an idea quickly put together featuring some of the 32 designs from Beatrice 1 which will be released on August 22nd, 2016, a very special day when Graceful Embroidery starts its celebrations. Be sure to pop by and join in the fun. I nearly forgot to say that there is a freebie from this collection, for you to test out, so perhaps you should call by straight away, log in and download it. You can use it to create an endless border.GFE-BEA-freebie

Happy embroidering from Hazel

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  1. Very nice Hazel. Where would the freebie design be found? I’ve checked the member download page and nothing is there other than the original test design that’s been there awhile. I also check the Pre-Orders pages for the sets from this blog post and none have a free design.

    Thank you

      1. Thank you Hazel. If it would have been a snake, it would have bit me. LOL I never looked at the home page for it and automatically logged in and went to the members area. oops.

    1. It’s a privilege to have such talented person creating for us & sharing, appreciated from the bottom of my heart. Your work is awesome & your sales once a year make it possible for me to be able to purchase them, what a big heart! Thanks so much.

  2. I LOVE these blogs…would love to keep the info for handy reading and reference…is
    is possible to print these out?

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