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creating more Pamela’s Joy Quilt blocks

I am currently finishing off the second set of Pamela’s Joy Quilt blocks and have been giving a great deal of thought to how best they can be stitched out, joined and completed. Several of you have asked me what my preferred method is, and at present I am developing my own unique system for all the quilt blocks at Graceful Embroidery. There are lots of suggestions and tutorials on the internet, but I want to find the easiest method so I can show you how to get the best out of your quilt blocks….(please scroll down to vote)

File 23-05-2016, 20 46 32

The first thing I experimented with were all the various types of batting (called wadding here in the UK) and I found a company that sold samples which were ideal for me to test out. Then I tested out various ways of combining the fabric, embroidery, batting and backing fabric.  After a while it became obvious what was required and my findings will be part of a new tutorial at Graceful Embroidery coming out in June 2016.  I realised that there cannot be one method for all blocks and so I will show you how to decide which is the best way to stitch out any quilt block and how to choose the best blocks for a certain look.

File 23-05-2016, 20 49 51

This is a close up of the first block in the second set of designs. It has been so interesting and exciting to work on this, comparing techniques to see which is easiest. We tend to want all the work done in our hoops with the minimum machine sewing to finish our projects. Hand sewing no longer seems an option but I suspect another look could be attained in this way. Some may find it very therapeutic to handle their precious quilt blocks and add their own hand stitches. Not to worry though as this will not be the direction in which I go! Just a thought. In machine embroidery there are no hard and fast rules, just the need to discover what works best for you, on your machine, at your level of experience. It is quite a progression too, as I do things very differently now compared to four or five years ago. One of the main reasons for rethinking is often the acquisition of a new machine.


GFE-PJY-QB2-1 A simple quilted square fills the centre.


GFE-PJY-QB2-2 This is my favourite design in this set.


GFE-PJY-QB2-3 Just a little piece of ribbon gives a wonderful feel to this design.


GFE-PJY-QB2-4 The bows create the shape.


GFE-PJY-QB2-5 Unusual corner work in this one.


GFE-PJY-QB2-6 The back ground stitches highlight the shape of the clusters of flowers


GFE-PJY-QB2-7 – No background quilting stitches on this one


GFE-PJY-QB2-8 I think this will be very popular with all the little “princesses” out there!


GFE-PJY-QB2-9 I love the simplicity of this design


GFE-PJY-QB2-10 A busier design with a unique patchwork of stitches.

These blocks will be released on May 25th, 2016.

Happy embroidering from Hazel

13 thoughts on “creating more Pamela’s Joy Quilt blocks

  1. Hi Hazel..your new blocks are coming right along…I am not clear on how much of the designs in these blocks (or others) are done through all three layers…backing, batting, and top fabric…or if there are embroidery elements done then the backing fabric put on to complete some further embroidery elements…would be great to see the back of these blocks…that is an important feature to me….Congratulations on your new grandson! Kind regards, Kim

  2. I am an old romantic. I especially love these corners. Just my cuppa tea. Thank you for all your
    work and thought that goes into your work. It certainly shows.. Betty Morgan

  3. Beautiful, Hazel. I really like all of them but I do tend to lean towards designs like #1.

    Great set!

    Kindest regards,
    Mary Margaret Petty

  4. I couldn’t decide between design 1 and 6. I also would love to see how the back looks on the completed blocks. Thanks! Love them all.

    1. The back of the quilt blocks will depend on how you construct the quilt blocks in the hoop. I am dealing with this in my new tutorial which will come out in June this year.

  5. May have come to this discussion late, but is this a quilt-as-you-go method? It appears that a quilt sandwich is being stitched for each block. My friends that use this method tell me this is a fast and very efficient way to quilt. One certainty, though, quilting has become dynamic, mainly due to technological advances in the newly designed sewing machines. Good for you Hazel! Pamela’s Joy is a great example of how this new technology is now being used to broaden the horizon of machine embroidery.

  6. Yes you are right.Quilt these in your hoop and make sure you get my new tutorial in June which will be full of ideas and suggestions on how to do this and how to join and finish the blocks off.

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