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my latest design

I have just finished the last set in the Plume de elegance collection. The final design is a mega classic for you all….

When you are digitising it is always a challenge to create versatile beautiful designs for the common smaller hoops that most embroiderers own. Digitising mega designs is another matter, especially as manufacturers widen hoops allowing me to be less restrained in my creation. I just love creating huge embroidery. This is my mega Plume de elegance design and is it too big for most machines and hoops but it can be embroidered in 3 hoopings with a 12″ by 8″ hoop, using my Outline alignment stitches. (OAS)


If you are not familiar with OAS most of the recent designs at Graceful Embroidery are available with and without them. They make the placement of embroidery much easier.


Look at the first design, the centre of this mega design. It has 2 outlines, one red which follows the shape of the design and a box of stitches in blue, which are stitched out first. The red outline is stitched out on just your hooped stabiliser so the outline will enable you to apply your fabric correctly and attach it with the box of blue stitches. Notice the extra lines on the blue outline and the red ones at the top which are guidelines for attaching the side designs.





I hope this sequence shows you how easy it is to embroider mega designs. If you have not yet attempted one of these combinations, do take the time to meet the challenge. Imagine the satisfaction of  wearing a jacket with this on the back. I love embroidery on the reverse of garments which makes a statement as you pass by. There are too many embroidered garments out there in the shops that are full of embroidery on the front, but devoid of any on the back. My message is embroider on both especially for bridal wear as that is more visible in the ceremony.

All the designs in the Plume de elegance collection are now available now at Graceful Embroidery.

Happy embroidering from Hazel


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