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creating Pamela’s Joy Quilt blocks

I recently put the finishing touches to my first batch of quilt blocks based on elements from the Pamela’s Joy collection. These comprise of small flowers and satin ribbons, and some lace types links for a special feature. I have taken this opportunity to test out several types of batting in readiness for a up and coming tutorial on constructing a quilted bed throw with the blocks which will be released along with the second set of blocks. Naturally the blocks have been stitched on silk, and I have chosen a slubby ivory variety as it is a lot more forgiving and does not crease so easily. It has not been backed, just attached to the hooped stabiliser and batting with a little temporary adhesive spray and the first set of stitches which secure it in place.


In making the selection of colours for my project I have adjusted the colours from the original collection as there were just a little too bright for what I wanted.


This block shows the colours I have found to mix well and tone in with the decor of the bedroom for which the project is being made. Notice how I have selected the small curl from inside the roses and enlarged it for the quilting stitches in this block. Quilting blocks in the hoop is a relatively new experience for me and I have a selection of man made and natural battings to try out which I bought from Quilt Direct here in the UK. It would seem that your choice of batting depends on not just the embroidery and fabric, but on the look you want to achieve, be it a flat traditional look, an antique look with some puckering or a more sculpted look.


My aim has been to achieve harmony in the blocks although some are more open than others. When stitching out the satin ribbons you need to use 2 similar shades so you get the look of the front and back of the ribbon. As I finally test out the blocks I removed what appear to be unnecessary elements like the running stitches around the hearts in the block below, as they were misaligned in my stitch out and spoilt the overall look. Obviously if you are looking for a more open design you can load these blocks in your software and remove some of the elements. I am happy for my customers to do this providing these adjustments are for their own use or for a gift. It is only embroidery that is sold that has limits on the editing of designs, and I am only an email away you if need guidance. Further editing for this block could be removal of the central lace links as the centre is quite full. This block was embroidered over Dream Puff, and I thought it would be quite sculptured but it all flattened considerably as the embroidery stitched out.


There are 10 quilt blocks in this new set of designs which will be released today! Here they all are.


Happy embroidery from Hazel



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  1. Wonderful pictures of this beautiful set and stitchouts…LOVE to read the “hows and whys” of your projects! TYTYTY!

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