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a new Valentines Crazy quilt block (part 1)

Well that year went quickly as here I am again creating a Valentines crazy quilt block! I love my embroidery to feature lots of graceful curves so as hearts are just two curves mirror imaged, I am in digitising heaven creating a block with several hearts of various styles and shapes. With every block I try to introduce a new technique as I am determined that working these blocks should be extending your skills and creativity as well as my own. I love silk ribbon and this block uses it on several of the joins……

As before I have designed a block for both 5″ and 8″ square hoops, using similar elements, some old and some new, but each of these designs is different as it is not possible to put everything into the smaller design. In my first edition of the 5″ block there is a butterfly, a pair of rose buds and a heart pierced by a rose branch with small thorns.


The larger block has all these elements and more. I have introduced a large rose alongside the rose buds and several other hearts. If you have something suitable to replace some of the embroidery, like a purchased lace butterfly then edit that portion of the block out in your embroidery software. I encourage you to personalise and make your block unique!


In my first stitch out of the 8″ block, I added 5 pieces of fabric to the deep cream slubby silk dupion base fabric. I used subtle shades of pale pink, ivory, pale peach and a yellowy green grey silk that blended well together and with the threads I intend to use. This is very important so I advise that you plan your fabric and threads carefully. The overall colours are pink and green, with a hint of peach. I was uncertain about the butterfly as I thought the turquoise would be too much. More of that in my next blog.
 baseNotice the rough edge between the 2 lower fabrics where the fabric has been trimmed. This is covered with silk ribbon and then embroidered on top with open stitches. Another line is also introduced in the same way. I had not put in guide lines for my initial embroidery so I was not able to get it exactly straight. (Mistakes can always be hidden at the embellishing stage) These have now been added to help you. I have deliberately placed the ribbon on the right slightly off centre for a different look.

File 01-02-2016, 21 37 23

File 01-02-2016, 21 38 50

The exciting part of stitching out this block was adding the rose stems with the little thorns which pierce the hearts, which are stitched in two stages so they look more authentic.

File 01-02-2016, 21 39 59

Here they are and the effect is just as I planned! I was pleased with the way the colours have blended well with the silk fabric. I love the tiny white hearts dotted around the block. There is plenty of space to add your own embellishments to this block.

File 01-02-2016, 21 40 44

Tomorrow I shall be sharing how I completed this block by adding the butterfly, revealing the colours that complimented my block. I will also share the results of embroidering out the smaller block before I release these designs very shortly. Hope you like what you have seen already. All my blocks can be used for so many different embroidery projects. To find out more check out other blogs on my crazy quilting and remember that a very detailed tutorial comes with the designs. Happy embroidering from Hazel

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