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a new collection for a little princess

When Prince George was born I created Le bebe royale collection which was very popular and suitable for heirloom embroidery for boys in a pale blue colour scheme. When it was announced that the Duchess was expecting her second child I made a note to do the same again. Several months ago I decided that I would create a collection in the hope that she had a little girl this time around. There as been much speculation on the due date, whether she would have a little prince or princess and what names would be given. Imagine my delight yesterday to discover that she had given birth to a little girl which meant that my prepared designs did not need a quick colour change and could be released almost immediately. This is the freebie design you can test out before you buy:

GFE-UPP-freebie-cropAs the years have gone by I have come to depend less and less on seeking sources of clip art for my designs. This collection is all my own creation which is all the more satisfying! I have chosen delicate flowers and leaves for this heirloom collection, incorporating scrolls, scallops and buttonholes into the designs. It was my intention to include everything in this collection for any heirloom project you create, such as a baby’s layette, a Christening gown, an heirloom quilt or a dainty blouse for an adult or a child’s dress. I am sure that these designs could also be used to create some amazing embroidery on a bridal gown too, provided they were embellished with pearls or crystals to emphasis their beauty. GFE-UPP-1-20:

GFE-UPP-1-20I had such fun working on this collection and found it difficult to keep it a secret! As I considered all the elements that would be required I digitised matching  buttonholes and scallops with tiny scalloped edges and a series of running stitches to finish them off. Imagine a panel of these with silk ribbon threaded through as shown below.  The photo here shows GFE-UPP-1-13 stitched in an alternative colour way using pale blue and silver threads.


Every heirloom collection needs a cross and some small motifs which can be used in their own or within other larger designs. I hope you like the simple cross which has a series of running stitches around it, to set it off.


My new challenge was to create some lovely elements which would make these designs unique and graceful! The cascading  tiny leaves and series of star like oblongs found throughout the collection will give your embroidery a natural flow. GFE-UPP-2-11:


My colour choice for Une Petit Princesses is Sulky Rayon 1071 which is an off white, along with 1015 Pale peach and 1068 Pink tint. I have stitched them out just in off white on white cotton which looks just as beautiful but the embroidery does not quite stand out as much. The most dramatic embroidery I saw on a Christening gown was in gold and my old time favourite of Sulky Rayon 1070 Gold would be perfect for that. This time around I decided not to create a small bold heart but instead I used the elements of the collection to provide a heart. GFE-UPP-1-13:


My last challenge was to create a small design which could be used to create an all over effect suitable for bodices and larger panels. Maybe you could use it to create your own embroidered fabric!



This simple design works like a jigsaw piece and can be used to create these combinations.




Or you could place some small motifs inside the diamond shapes that are created.


The first set in this very special collection for 4″ by 4″ hoops, will be released today, May 3rd, 2015 followed by the next set for 5″ by 7″ hoops tomorrow. The third set for large 10″ by 6″ hoops will be released the day after that. I hope to have the final sets in the collection for 12″ by 8″, and 14.2″ by 6″ hoops released in the following week. You may be interested in obtaining all five sets at a reduced price of just $35. This offer is available to all those who join my Embroidery group before May 6th, 2015. Email me if you need more details at hazel@gracefulembroidery.com

The Graceful Embroidery group

If you do purchase these designs and create something very special do send me photos that I can upload into the galleries on my website.

Happy embroidering from Hazel

3 thoughts on “a new collection for a little princess

  1. Wow, Hazel! These are incredibly beautiful. You certainly are a very talented lady. I shall be buying some of these. I am starting my own sewing business and plan to teach as well as create beautiful bespoke object, heirloom sewing being a particular love of mine. These come in at a really good time as I also have 3 babies in my family circle, and hope to make items embellished with your gorgeous designs.

    Thank you for the freebie which I shall be trying out very soon. Should you check, you won’t recognise my e-mail address as Virgin does not allow me to send out on the .net account anymore – they are getting rid of them although we can still receive e-mails.

    Best wishes Christine

  2. Thank you Hazel! If I had a little one in the family I’d have a ball with this collection. Maybe one day in a few years…

  3. Hi Hazel!

    Oh my! These designs in UPP-3 are beautiful! No problems with download – viewed again in my sewing software. I wish I had these when I did the baptismal gown that I made even though everyone loved it! I may just make another one and use these when I get back to mobility, if so, I’ll be sure to send a picture. I’m still wanting to get better pics of the baptismal gown I made for my friends. We’ve all had weird stuff come up this year. Seems to be the way this year is going :o)

    The first sets, UPP-1 & 2 were equally as beautiful. When I look at design sets, I am always looking for as many places I could find a use for them as possible. I have found all of Hazel’s sets remarkably well priced and have plans to use some of the smaller designs in some (including UPP) as upscale designs to my doll clothes that I am going to make. Can’t say how beautiful these are in my head… LOL! Hope others see the same things as I do.

    Happy stitching everyone!

    Take care, Hazel!

    Mary Margaret

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