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a special Elegant Christmas Message design (part 1)


This week I am finishing off the final designs in the Elegant Christmas Messages collection. There are 10 designs in this last set which can be stitched out in 12″ by 8″ hoops. However one of the designs requires two hoopings as it is wider than 8″, because unfortunately it was impossible to make this framed design smaller without comprising the scroll work. In doing so it would not match the other designs in the collection hence the reason it had to be over 8″ wide! When 8″ wide hoops arrived they were such a luxury but already I can see the advantage of a couple more inches! (Manufacturers please note!)

It was a challenge creating the two hoopings as lining up the triple lines of satin stitches would require accurate placement. After much deliberation I have created two versions of this design and will test them to see which is easiest to align accurately using my Outline alignment stitches (OAS shown in the diagrams in red and blue). My first attempt had a small star covering the join in the middle of the sides but I am concerned this will be hard to align and discrepancies will be obvious. So I developed a second version of the design placing the large star in each corner where the joins will be hidden. If both work I may include both of them so you have a choice. This is what appears to be the easier of the two combinations:


I have introduced a line of stitches shown in red to help align the second smaller hooping, and this is repeated right at the onset of this design so you will know straightaway if you positioning is accurate!


I think the finished result looks better than the one shown next but that is just my own personal preference.


These two hoopings will create this design with small stars at the side.


In digitising this larger design I had several uses in mind, like seasonal cushions or a picture to place in a frame to be brought out at Christmas time. I am sure you will have other ideas on the use of this splendid embroidery. The finished designs are just under 10″ by 8½” so they may be suitable for a table mats too. I have looked into the possibility of substituting the centre design for some of the messages from the collection. Quite a few fit nicely into the frame including the following messages:-

Love came down at Christmas

God bless us everyone

Have a very Merry Christmas

Joy to the world the Lord is King

Seasons Greetings

Elegant Christmas Messages 4 will be released around Tuesday April 14th, 2015 and members of the Graceful Embroidery group can now pre order the designs. If you have any comments I would love you to email me or make them here on the blog. You will have plenty of time to embroider some exciting projects for December. Watch out for part 2 on this subject which will be publioshed before the designs are released.

Happy hoopings from Hazel

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  1. Hazel, would it be possible for those of us who have the Viking Diamond use the Magestic hoop for the large design which incorporates 2 hoopings?


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