Another Romantic Crazy Quilt

With Christmas packed in boxes and stored away for next year I wanted to look at a different colour scheme for my new crazy quilt. It didn’t need to be red and green!

GFE-RCQ-4   GFE-RCQ-4-5x5






There are elements from Natalie’s wedding day, Harriet, Graced in Petals, Marianne, Amore Grunge and Le bebe Royale. I have also added some lovely heirloom embroidery stitches but there is lots of room for embellishment to make it your own unique block!


These colours were picked at random as I stitched the block out, but I was disappointed with the grape colour but hopefully the right embellishment will tone this down.  Not sure about the orange leaves either. I made a mistake in my block not using a large enough pale blue fabric in the top left. Rather than doing it again I thought I would leave it so I can repair it by carefully adding the right embellishment. We all make mistakes and I thought you’d like me to share mine with you!




The strippling on this section is quite dense so it will change the look of your fabric. Watch out for part 2 to see my repairs.


For the smaller block the process was not so random. I selected a coarse cream silk for my base fabric. Then I found small remnants of silk which looked good together, palest pink, pale wedgewood blue, pale gold and a light moss green. Then I found embroidery thread colours to co-ordinate with these colours. Notice how I have selected slightly darker shades for each fabric.


I am not usually a fan of variegated thread but the pale green, yellow and pink one seemed worth a try. (Sulky Rayon 40 2202)



Here is the second block ready to be embellished. Needless to say I was disappointed with the variegated thread. In the back of my mind I am trying to decide how to use all these pretty blocks. Perhaps a beautiful bag should be my first project but I would have to be careful what sort of embellishment I use as it must be tough!

This Romantic Crazy Quilt block will be released on January 6th, 2015. Back soon when the blocks are embellished.

Happy New Year from Hazel

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6 Responses to Another Romantic Crazy Quilt

  1. dana12559 says:

    They’re beautiful. I never cared for crazy quilts but after seeing yours I’m a big fan. Happy New Year Hazel!

  2. Thank you Dana.
    I really appreciate that. I hope will like any new ones I produce too! I am currently working on one for Valentines but it appears to be developing into two instead!! LOL!

  3. hrlyalf says:

    I love the blend of colours you are using.

  4. Marsha Nelson says:

    As always, just outstanding work. I love the colors you choose.

  5. You have done a wonderful job. The designs look pretty as the colors of thread you have used in the block are matching well with the fabric. Especially, the golden color is giving a fabulous look to the design.

  6. eirewomyn says:

    Beautiful, Hazel! Cannot wait to see these beautiful quilt squares.

    Thank you!
    Mary Margaret

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