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Bridal Grace


This is my latest design for this collection. I am determined to get a natural flow to these flowers and this is almost the look I trying to achieve.

Would you believe this was all done on my iPhone! I love these gadgets when they work. What fun!
From Hazel

8 thoughts on “Bridal Grace

    1. Hazel, this design is lovely. I think it is beautiful the way it is, so I am axiously looking forward to see what you are going to do to make it even better. You know what you are trying to achieve, so I’ll wait until you say it is finito.


  1. I would buy just the way they are! I do really like the graceful look to the flower grouping.

  2. I have to ask, how do you do this on your Iphone????
    I so wish you lived closer as I would love to take a class or two with you. You truly are talented….!!!

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