Royal elegance stitchout

Today I tested my first Royal elegance design in a 4×4 hoop.  I have used my usual method of only hooping my first layer of stitch and tear, and then adding two further layers with temporary adhesive. I choose greens and golds for this sample and decided to reduce the number of colours.  A little editing is required but overall I think you will all like it. I may experiment with the gold centre medallions as the satin fill is not quite right. It will be exciting to see more of these designs stitchout, but it is quite incredible that I can bring them from my studio into your homes so easily. Modern technology is great fun when it works.

The first set in this collection will be ready in early July and has 16 designs for your 4″ by 4″ hoop.
These designs commemorate the Royal wedding and will also have an accompanying set of florals to reflect the occasion called Bridal Grace.
To pre order it you must be a member of my Embroidery group:

If you have suggestions for future videos or tutorials do let me know.
Thank you for visiting me in my Embroidery studio.
Happy embroidering from Hazel
p.s Sorry the link doesn’t work. I will sort it out as soon as possible.

About gracefulembroidery

I digitise machine embroidery designs specializing in Bridal, heirloom and Celtic work.
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